Animated Analysis is a review show in which Stephan and Nootrac (a drawing come to life) talk about animated films and TV shows.

Season 2:

Episode 9:
Animated Analysis: The Black Cauldron

Stephan, Nootrac and Some Jerk with a Camera get into shenanigans while reviewing Disney's The Black Cauldron! Is it good? Bad? Do you even care? Watch the video to find out!

Episode 8:
Animated Analysis: Top 8 Voice Actors You Don't Know You Love

Stephan and Nootrac present to you the voices of some of your favorite characters, possibly even more characters than you thought!

Bonus Episode:
Animated Analysis: BONUS - Rhythm & Hues

Stephan and Nootrac discuss a problem recently brought into the spotlight by this year's Oscars.

Episode 7:
Animated Analysis: Rocky and Bullwinkle

A movie where cartoons interact with live-action people? That's just silly. That's also what Stephan and Nootrac are reviewing, except it's the one about moderately popular animals rather than the one that's really good that everybody likes.

Episode 6:
Animated Analysis: Star Wars The Clone Wars

Is the Force with this film, or has it succumbed to the Dark Side? Watch the review to find out!

Bonus Episode:
Animated Analysis Retrospective: Batman Animated Series

Stephan takes a look at Batman's animated television endeavors chronologically!

Bonus Episode:
Animated Analysis: Wizards Commentary

Feel free to listen as Stephan rambles on about his review of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards.

Episode 5:
Animated Analysis: The Road to El Dorado

Stephan, Nootrac, and The Film Renegado tackle the film that killed Dreamworks SKG's 2D animation department!

Episode 4:
Animated Analysis: The Story Behind the Story

A few questions are answered... but, of course, it always leads to more questions!

Bonus Episode:
Animated Analysis: BONUS The Legend of Korra

Surprise! It's a bonus episode of Animated Analysis where Nootrac and Stephan cover the 2-episode premiere of Avatar: The Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon!

Episode 3:
Animated Analysis: The Chipmunk Adventure

Stephan and Nootrac watch a childhood favorite of many this time as they review Alvin and the Chipmunks' first silver screen adventure!

Special Episode:
Animated Analysis: Fritz the Cat

This episode of Animated Analysis presents Lecherous cats, Ralph Bakshi and a very special guest!

Episode 2:
Animated Analysis: Cars 2

In this episode, Stephan and Nootrac cover what is considered the first bad Pixar film. But is it bad or just misunderstood? Or maybe itís neither? Or maybeĖ ah screw it, just watch the damn video.

Episode 1:
Animated Analysis: Loonatics Unleashed

Season 2 opens with a review of Loonatics Unleashed! How bad is it REALLY? ...Well, I'll be honest, I'm not sure this video is a good way of figuring that out.

Season 1:

Episode 15:
Animated Analysis: Christmas Special

The first season comes to a close with a completely non-review episode!

Episode 14:
Animated Analysis: The Brave Little Toaster

Warning: You may need to take some sort of anti-depressant before watching this... seriously.

Episode 13:
Animated Analysis: The Brony Phenomenom

In this episode, Stephan and Nootrac take a long look at a rather odd subculture; Bronies.

Episode 12:
Animated Analysis: Corpse Bride

Alright, for Part 2 of the Halloween Special, Stephan and Nootrac cover a Tim Burton film... here comes the hate mail again.

Episode 11:
Animated Analysis: Top 8 Most Insane Animated Villains

Stephan and Nootrac are going crazy this week with this count-down on the most insane villains in animation history.

Episode 10:
Animated Analysis: The Swan Princess

Alright, time to get negative again as Stephen prepares to take on Richard Rich's The Swan Princess.

Episode 9:
Animated Analysis: Feedback Episode!

Today, Stephan and Nootrac answer viewer questions (and other stuff)!

Episode 8:
Animated Analysis: Pocahontas 2

There's a fart joke here... something to do with "painting with the colors of the wind," perhaps?

Bonus Episode:
Actual Animated Analysis: Under the Red Hood

Stephan unveils his series of more accurately titled videos he will be making in-between the main show. No, there's nothing wrong with the video, it's going to be black for a few minutes.

Episode 7:
Animated Analysis: Wizards

Today we cover the mediocrity of a respected figure in animation, Ralph Bakshi. Here comes the hate mail...

Episode 6:
Animated Analysis: Yo Yogi!

The epic story continues with horrible children's television, this time with the youngification of Yogi Bear and other Hanna-Barbera characters.

Episode 5:
Animated Analysis: The Muppet Babies Effect

Stephan and Nootrac discuss a trend in cartoons they like to call "The Muppet Babies Effect."

Episode 4:
Animated Analysis: The Little Mermaid 2

Stephan and Nootrac review the first of many shameless Disney sequels to come: The Little Mermaid 2.

Episode 3:
Animated Analysis: Top 8 Offensive Cartoons

Stephan and Nootrac have suffered through some of the most offensive cartoons in the history of animation and they now show you the worst of them.

Episode 2:
Animated Analysis: All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

Stephan and Nootrac review the sequel to a Don Bluth animation classic. Ready to be horribly disappointed?

Episode 1:
Animated Analysis: Sonic Underground

Stephan and Nootrac (a cartoon come to life) review Sonic Underground and explain why it probably should have STAYED underground.