A satirical review show where the host watches, criticizes cartoons ranging from comic books to animated shows. Whatever it is, it's either worth watching...or FUGHETABOUIT!

Episode 205:
Cartoon Palooza: Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Joey goes back to his more traditional review style to discuss the crossover nobody asked for, but somehow got in the comics and movies.

Episode 204:
Cartoon Palooza: Rise of the Guardians

Before every movie was a Marvel movie, Dreamworks tried cashing in on their own version of The Avengers!

Episode 203:
Cartoon Palooza: Norm of the North 3

Joey has finally made it to Norm's third adventure, so it's time to break out the lobotomy set!

Episode 202:
Cartoon Palooza: The Emperor's New Groove

As requested by his Patreon, Joey gives you his review of Disney's The Kingdom of the Sun!

Episode 201:
Cartoon Palooza: The Buzz Lightyear Animated Series Pilot

For a time, Pixar co-produced one of their only animated series based on Buzz Lightyear from their Toy Story series. Joey takes a look at the pilot episode, which works as a tv-movie.

Episode 200:
Cartoon Palooza: Penguin Highway

Joey received encouragement from Eleven Arts to review their Japanese animated film Penguin Highway.

Episode 199:
Cartoon Palooza: Does Up Still Hold Up?

Disney and Pixar's award winning classic will be turning 10 years old. Figured it was a good opportunity to see if it still holds... UP!

Episode 198:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Love Death and Robots Shorts

With the new Netflix anthology series inspired by Heavy Metal, Joey counts down his favorite shorts!

Episode 197:
Cartoon Palooza: Norm of the North 2

Well, Joey didn't think this day would come, but the sequel to one of his most hated movies has finally come! See what he thinks of the sequel to Norm of the North!

Episode 196:
Cartoon Palooza: Gaither's Pond - The Lure Depths

When Joey thinks Southern Gospel, all he can think of is crappy CG? Is it like Foodfight? Let's check it out in his Patreon requested review!

Episode 195:
Cartoon Palooza: Jonny Quest

Does Jonny Quest manage to be the trend-setter to great action for television animation? Let's find out!

Episode 194:
Cartoon Palooza: Is Shaggy a Super Saiyan God?

The Internet has given us a new meme in the form of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Except he's actually A SUPER SAIYAN! See what Joey has to say about this epic nonsense!

Episode 193:
Cartoon Palooza: Best Animated Films of 2018

After watching a handful of animated films last year, Joey gives his thoughts on the films he thought were the best!

Episode 192:
Cartoon Palooza: Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time

Does this third Disney direct-to-video sequel manage to do the impossible by being... a good sequel?

Episode 191:
Cartoon Palooza: Bumblebee

The first Michael Bay produced Transformers film that might... shocker... get something right! Here is Joey's review of the latest Transformers film.

Episode 190:
Cartoon Palooza: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Without spoiling too much, Joey went to an advanced screening of the new Sony Pictures animated film. Will Sony get Spider-Man right in a new medium?

Episode 189:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Worst Disney Animated Musical Numbers

Joey counts down the worst Disney animated songs in musical number form. This list will go into territory like domestic abuse, racism and the worst crime of all... BOREDOM!

Episode 188:
Cartoon Palooza: The Princess and the Frog

Joey takes a look at one of the last traditionally animated films from Disney, featuring a positive African American role that breaks away from the studio's traditional stereotypes!

Episode 187:
Cartoon Palooza: Next Gen

Joey's review of the cyberpunk animated movie released for Netflix, featuring a cursing talking dog played by Michael Pena, just so you know!

Episode 186:
Cartoon Palooza: Why Adventure Time Mattered

With the Adventure Time finale happening a couple of weeks ago, Joey looks back at the Cartoon Network hit in this video essay on why its humor, style and message helped define a generation and become a part of pop culture.

Episode 185:
Cartoon Palooza: Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit was adapted into a feature film starring James Corden as the hero and Joey gives his thoughts on it.

Episode 184:
Cartoon Palooza: Steamboat Willie

Joey discussses the importance of Steamboat Willie, its significance to pop culture and debunks claims towards the iconic Mickey Mouse cartoon!

Episode 183:
Cartoon Palooza: Disenchantment

With the first 10 episodes released, Joey shares his thoughts on Matt Groening's third animated series set in the magical realm of Dreamland!

Episode 182:
Cartoon Palooza: Christopher Robin

Does the classic stuffed bear get his honey and eat it in Disney's latest live-action take on their animated characters?

Episode 181:
Cartoon Palooza: The Worst Rick and Morty Episode

Joey discusses what may be his least favorite episode of the hit Adult Swim series Rick and Morty!

Episode 180:
Cartoon Palooza: The Incredibles

After watching Incredibles 2, Joey revisits the first film that has action, galore and themes of objectivism!

Episode 179:
Cartoon Palooza: your name

Joey looks at the anime hit your name. No... not asking what your name is... that's what the movie's called! See what he thinks about the sci-fi romance!

Episode 178:
Cartoon Palooza: Flintstones WWE Stone Age Smackdown

Much like Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery, this is another WWE crossover with well known cartoon properties. However, does this bring back the Flintstones from the stone age?

Episode 177:
Cartoon Palooza: Woody Woodpecker

The smash hit cartoon from the '40s is given a confused live action feature film that makes it hard to tell who this was made for exactly!

Episode 176:
Cartoon Palooza: Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

How does the award winning animated film based on the popular stop-motion pair hold up today?

Episode 175:
Cartoon Palooza: Kung Fu Panda

A short review of one of Joey's favorite animated films of all time. Fighting, Chinese Folklore and Jack Black... what more could you ask for?

Episode 174:
Cartoon Palooza: Arthur

After 20 years of still being on the air, is the PBS show still worth checking out thanks to Viewers like You?

Episode 173:
Cartoon Palooza: The Three Bears

Wonder where the bizarre internet meme came from? Well, here's your chance to see how one bear's discovery upon the human hands that soiled his delicacy.

Episode 172:
Cartoon Palooza: Mickey's Magical Christmas

Joey looks at the House of Mouse Christmas special that takes all of your favorite Disney characters and has them limited to tv grade animation!

Episode 171:
Cartoon Palooza: Cars 3

It ain't over until it's motor! Yeah... that was not a good car pun. Here is Joey's look at the potential last installment to the Cars movies!

Episode 170:
Cartoon Palooza: Cars 2

Ready for an animated spy thriller starring the comedy genius who brought us Delta Farce?

Episode 169:
Cartoon Palooza: Cars

Joey takes a look at Pixar's strangest franchise starting with the first cliched story that may or may not have aged well!

Episode 168:
Cartoon Palooza: Hell and Back

Time to go to hell in this raunchy stop-motion animated film. Does its Happy Madison-type cast stick this film close to Eight Crazy Nights?

Episode 167:
Cartoon Palooza: Lonesome Ghosts

Disney has made great holiday classics. Let's watch one of their earliest spooky shorts starring Mickey, Donald and Goofy!

Episode 166:
Cartoon Palooza: Hotel Transylvania 2

With the sequel to the hit Sony Pictures Animated film, does it capture the same charm or is it "blah, blah-BLAHHHH"?

Episode 165:
Cartoon Palooza: SpongeBob: Legend of Boo-kini Bottom

Spongebob returns to stop-motion for a Halloween special! Let's see if it measures up to the first special!

Episode 164:
Cartoon Palooza: McDonald's Scared Silly

Joey takes a look at the Patreon requested short McDonalds's customers received as an apology for giving them high cholesterol! Brought to us from the minds behind Rugrats!

Episode 163:
Cartoon Palooza: Spectacular Spider-Man

The last of Joey's Spider-Man cartoon reviews follows a series that took advantage of what little time it had on television.

Episode 162:
Cartoon Palooza: Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Having been introduced to Spider-Man during the Sam Raimi films, Joey was there to witness the Sony produced series that left as soon as it swung on MTV.

Episode 161:
Cartoon Palooza: Spider-Man (90's Animated Series)

Check out the hit series from the 90's that kicks off this month's theme of Spider-Man Cartoons!

Episode 160:
Cartoon Palooza: The Emoji Movie

By popular request, here is the movie most people have not shut up about!

Episode 159:
Cartoon Palooza: Captain Underpants

Joey watches and reviews the movie he has been waiting for since he was in the Third Grade!

Episode 158:
Cartoon Palooza: DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Joey concludes his Saturday Morning Cartoon Month with DuckTales... WOOHOO!

Episode 157:
Cartoon Palooza: Bringing a Cartoon to the Big Screen the Right Way

After watching movies based on cartoons made for the small screen, it made Joey think of the ways some movies get it right versus those that get it wrong.

Episode 156:
Cartoon Palooza: The Chipmunk Adventure

This month's theme of movies based on popular Saturday morning cartoons continues with Alvin and the Chipmunks going on an adventure without Rodent-based puns!

Episode 155:
Cartoon Palooza: Transformers: The Movie

What better movie to kick off this month's theme of Saturday Morning Cartoon movies than one of the most successful cartoons from the '80s? Is there more than meets the eye?

Episode 154:
Cartoon Palooza: Shrek 2

Dreamworks Month concludes with the movie you either think is better than the first or somewhat worse. Let's see what camp Joey falls under!

Episode 153:
Cartoon Palooza: The Prince of Egypt

Ever wonder why this film's considered a cult classic? Let's find out in one of DreamWorks's first animated films!

Episode 152:
Cartoon Palooza: Trolls and Its Terrible, Horrifying Message

Joey talks about the message of DreamWorks Animation's Trolls and why he considers it so harmful.

Episode 151:
Cartoon Palooza: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Joey finishes Disney Live Action-Adaptation Month with a tale as old as 1991, now turned into a live-action blockbuster!

Episode 150:
Cartoon Palooza: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Joey wonders if Tim Burton's take on the classic fantasy story is worth the trip down the rabbit hole.

Episode 149:
Cartoon Palooza: 101 Dalmatians (1996)

'Member Glenn Close when she said "Woof Woof?" Joey does, as he examines the live-action Disney remake that started the current trend.

Episode 148:
Cartoon Palooza: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

We conclude this year's Batman Chronicles with two movies that come together for one hell of an adaptation of Frank Miller's iconic comic!

Episode 147:
Cartoon Palooza: Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman Chronicles continues with the controversial adaptation of Alan Moore's one-shot Joker story!

Episode 146:
Cartoon Palooza: The LEGO Batman Movie

For the first time in a few years, the Batman Chronicles makes a comeback with the animated hit some are saying is the current best Batman movie of all time!

Episode 145:
Cartoon Palooza: Black Holes (Sundance Selected Animated Short 2017)

Check out the Sundance selected animated short on track to becoming an adult animated series!

Episode 144:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Bugs Bunny Cartoons

Which cartoons from the Wascally Wabbit got the top spot on Joey's list?

Episode 143:
Cartoon Palooza: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Joey discusses a very influential animated series that somehow doesn't get enough attention!

Episode 142:
Cartoon Palooza: Un-Valentines Day - Winnie the Pooh

So it's the day after Valentines Day... So what? Let's watch a nice holiday special from an underrated show with great characters!

Episode 141:
Cartoon Palooza: The Brave Little Toaster

This month it's all about the love, starting with Joey's latest Patreon requested review of a movie he loves that's heavens-to-betsy-levels of depressing!

Episode 140:
Cartoon Palooza: Farewell, Regular Show

After 8 seasons, the hit animated series that appealed to the slacker in all of us has come to an end. Consider this a brief ode on its impact for Joey growing up!

Episode 139:
Cartoon Palooza: Norm of the North

This movie twerked its way towards the worst movies of 2016, but is it enough to consider it one of the worst animated movies of all time?

Episode 138:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Worst Animated Movies of 2016

You all obviously know the number one movie, but let's discuss last year's animated bottom dwellers.

Episode 137:
Cartoon Palooza: The Average Animated Films of 2016

Thought this would be a countdown? Look into why Joey decided to give these films of 2016 a retrospective instead!

Episode 136:
Cartoon Palooza: The Gratuitous Crash Bandicoot Skylanders Crossover

You'd think this were an 1980s animation executive's commercial fantasy come to life!

Episode 135:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Best Animated Films of 2016!

How is it one of the most insane years in recent memory managed to have mostly great animated movies?

Episode 134:
Cartoon Palooza: A Crash Bandicoot Cartoon?

A leaked animation featuring everybody's favorite orange marsupial that led people to wonder if there were plans on featuring an animated series based on the hit video game!

Episode 133:
Cartoon Palooza: Disney's Paul Bunyan

A Big Man gets a Short Film, courtesy of the Walt Disney Company!

Episode 132:
Cartoon Palooza: Wakko's Wish

Here's a Patreon requested review that's zany to the max! It's Animaniacs!

Episode 131:
Cartoon Palooza: Are Anime Cartoons?

Joey discusses a topic that he had no idea was being discussed in animation circles.

Episode 130:
Cartoon Palooza: Blue Cat Blues

Remember when Tom and Jerry committed suicide? Joey discusses this controversial and still discussed short.

Bonus Episode:
Cartoon Palooza: Will Joey See My Little Pony and Cars 3?!

You've seen the title... will there be a Cartoon Palooza review of My Little Pony?!

Episode 129:
Cartoon Palooza: The Book of Life

Does the passion project by El Tigre creator Jorge Gutierrez bring life to the Day of the Dead?

Bonus Episode:
Cartoon Palooza: Trailer Breakdown of Beauty and the Beast (2017)!

In a special vlog, Joey breaks down some things he noticed when watching the new trailer to the upcoming Disney remake!

Episode 128:
Cartoon Palooza: Over the Garden Wall

This Halloween, Joey revisits the Cartoon Network miniseries that both scared the crap out of us and giggled with glee.

Episode 127:
Cartoon Palooza: The Boxtrolls

You can say this Laika film thinks outside the box! Here is Joey's review of The Boxtrolls.

Episode 126:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Best SpongeBob Episodes

Which episodes rank among Joey's favorites from the yellow sponge that won't quit?

Episode 125:
Cartoon Palooza: Foodfight

Some consider this the worst animated movie of all time... and others are comparing it to Sausage Party?

Episode 124:
Cartoon Palooza: Pokemon - I Choose You

In light of ANOTHER Pokemon craze, let's look back at the first animated show representing the pocket monsters!

Episode 123:
Cartoon Palooza: One Punch in the USA

What happened if the popular manga/anime were adapted for Americans... by Americans?

Episode 122:
Cartoon Palooza: Ghostbusters: Prime Evil

Joey talks about deception, fanboy rage and controversy... as well as the Ghostbusters Reboot.

Episode 121:
Cartoon Palooza: The Lion King

The king has returned... but Joey ponders whether that is a good thing.

Episode 120:
Cartoon Palooza: The Blue Umbrella

A review of one of many great Pixar shorts in time for a new Pixar movie!

Episode 119:
Cartoon Palooza: Office Space and Brilliant Burnout

Joey reviews Mike Judge's workplace satire, which yes, is based on a cartoon.

Episode 118:
Cartoon Palooza: Space Jam

Joey asks if you are ready to Jam with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, '90s style!

Episode 117:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Worst Powerpuff Girls Episodes

We criticize the new reboot, but maybe we should look back at the worst the original had to offer.

Episode 116:
Cartoon Palooza: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Along Came a Spider

After seeing Civil War, let's look at a series episode similar to the film that doesn't get nearly enough attention!

Episode 115:
Cartoon Palooza: The Smurfs

The epic rivalry between the Cartoony Canuck and the Jolly Jabroni concludes with a review of Sony's take on the Smurfs!

Episode 114:
Cartoon Palooza: Wonder Woman

Time to wonder... about Wonder Woman! Yeah, obvious word play is obvious.

Episode 113:
Cartoon Palooza: Bee Movie

Before we see Louis CK make an animated movie, let's watch another comedian's "stinger."

Episode 112:
Cartoon Palooza: Hoodwinked 2

What were you expecting this Valentine's day? Roses? Well, how about a review of an underwhelming animated sequel?

Episode 111:
Cartoon Palooza: Mr. Pickles

Joey looks at what some consider to be the strangest thing on Adult Swim... as if that's not saying enough!

Episode 110:
Cartoon Palooza: Is Beauty and the Beast About Puberty?

Is one of the movie's biggest plot holes an intentional metaphor for that uncomfortable time for boys and girls?

Episode 109:
Cartoon Palooza: Stimpy's Fan Club

A lot of people have been waiting for Joey to address this infamous episode of Ren & Stimpy.

Episode 108:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Best Animated Movies of 2015

Joey reveals which movies made it to the top of his annual animation list!

Episode 107:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Nightmare Before Christmas Flaws

Is this movie as perfect as people make it out to be? Joey presents some issues he has with the Halloween-Christmas cult favourite.

Episode 106:
Cartoon Palooza: Frozen Fever

There's a fever for Frozen... and the only prescription is more Frozen! Do you wanna build a snowman?

Episode 105:
Cartoon Palooza: The Inspector Gadget Movie

Joey feels this live-action adaptation of the DIC animated series should be thrown in the Go Go Gadget Bargain Bin.

Episode 104:
Cartoon Palooza: Wreck-It Ralph and Pixels

The Ying and Yang of Arcade-inspired movies. Let's see how well they compare!

Episode 103:
Cartoon Palooza: Scooby-Doo Wrestlemania Mystery

Scooby Doo meets the Unnecessary Meme in the most unexpected cross-over between two corporate properties.

Episode 102:
Cartoon Palooza: The Halloween Tree

A Halloween special from the 90's that combines Leonard Nimoy and Ray Bradbury... how did Joey manage to miss that?

Episode 101:
Cartoon Palooza: Coraline

Let's take a look through button-eyes and see if this is worth calling a new Halloween classic!

Episode 100:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Animated Dogs

Joey hopes he doesn't end up in the doghouse if he doesn't include your favourite canine from the world of animation. See what car chasing pets made the list.

Episode 99:
Cartoon Palooza: Robin Hood

Does the legend of Robin Hood work best with talking animals and recycled animation?

Episode 98:
Cartoon Palooza: A Close Shave

Remember when Shawn the Sheep got his start from Wallace and Gromit? Let's revisit the short he got his start from!

Episode 97:
Cartoon Palooza: Teen Titans Go!

More like "Teen Titans No!" heh... Let's see what Joey has to say about this seemingly popular series on Cartoon Network.

Episode 96:
Cartoon Palooza: Does Voice Acting Matter?

It makes Joey wonder through arguments supporting (and heavily disagreeing) on celebrity voice work.

Episode 95:
Cartoon Palooza: Butthurt Anime Fan

Joey reviews a College Humor short poking fun at anime fanboys? Let's see how that goes!

Episode 94:
Cartoon Palooza: Shrek

Time to get SHREKED... in the least pervasive way possible. The one film that started a crazy set of trends!

Episode 93:
Cartoon Palooza: Underdog

There's going to be plenty of need to fear as Joey revisits the live-action take of the Underdog cartoon.

Episode 92:
Cartoon Palooza: Teen Titans Go - Let's Get Serious

Joey finally reviews a Teen Titans Go! episode. And guess what? He think it sucks. Here's one episode as to why!

Episode 91:
Cartoon Palooza: Should Disney Make More Sequels?

Another editorial where Joey asks if Disney (not Pixar) Animated Sequels are necessary?

Episode 90:
Cartoon Palooza: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Are 'ya ready Kids? With the new movie out, let us revisit the first time our friends from Bikini Bottom made the jump to the big screen!

Episode 89:
Cartoon Palooza: Akira

Now it's time for Joey to FINALLY look at an anime film. This time, it's the revered classic from the 1980s that arguably made anime popular in the west.

Episode 88:
Cartoon Palooza: Hiller's Magical Moustache

Well... it was requested from the creators, so Joey couldn't resist checking this bizarre short out!

Episode 87:
Cartoon Palooza: My Best Animated Films of 2014

Which films ranged from blowing Joey away to making it worth seeing on television again?

Episode 86:
Cartoon Palooza: My Worst Animated Films of 2014

Which ones made it to the top... of the worst...of the year, from sequels to spin-offs?

Episode 85:
Cartoon Palooza: Rabbit of Seville

What a Maroon! Thinking he would start 2015 with this classic Looney Tunes short!

Episode 84:
Cartoon Palooza: Disney's A Christmas Carol

This may as well be the 34583rd film adaptation of A Christmas Carol, now brought to us from the schmucks at Image Movers! Bah, Humbug!

Episode 83:
Cartoon Palooza: The Santa Experience

Does this Rugrats Christmas special stay on the naughty or nice list? Well, it has Satan's hellspawn learning the true meaning of Christmas... that's worth checking in!

Episode 82:
Cartoon Palooza: Dexter vs. Santa Claws

Is this REALLY the worst episode of Dexter's Lab? Let's see for ourselves in Joey's first holiday themed review this month.

Episode 81:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Mickey Mouse Shorts

To celebrate the 86th anniversary of one of his favorite cartoon characters, Joey counts down some of his most memorable moments!

Episode 80:
Cartoon Palooza: Is Hand Drawn Animation Dead?

While he doesn't propose an answer, Joey discusses factors and tastes that contribute to the lack of hand-drawn films in the mainstream market.

Episode 79:
Cartoon Palooza: The Critic

What is it? A piece of crap! That's what it apparently is, according to comedy genius Mel Brooks!

Episode 78:
Cartoon Palooza: Halloween Mystery Review

In the previous episode, Joey ended it wanting to watch ParaNorman. But what did he stick into his DVD player instead?

Episode 77:
Cartoon Palooza: Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost

Let's see if the follow up to Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island deserves a Scooby Snack!

Episode 76:
Cartoon Palooza: Overtime

Halloween 2014 continues on the Palooza! Joey looks at what some consider the surreal and dark tribute to Jim Henson.

Episode 75:
Cartoon Palooza: A Drawing Watches The Boxtrolls

Does Laika Animation's latest film measure up to their previous works?

Episode 74:
Cartoon Palooza: Hotel Transylvania

Is this movie a graveyard smash or an undead turkey starring the Happy Madison goons?

Episode 73:
Cartoon Palooza: Get a Horse

Joey discusses whether the latest innovative Mickey Mouse short holds up to practically a decades long legacy of cartoons starring the titular character.

Episode 72:
Cartoon Palooza: A Fairly Odd Summer

I blame Dinkleberg! Let's watch the review to the latest (and hopefully last) live action Fairly Odd Parents adaptation!

Episode 71:
Cartoon Palooza: Rejected

A talk about personal rejection and a short that deals with an animator intentionally wanting rejection. Cue the dozens of viewers shouting "My Spoon's TOO BIG!" or "I am the Queen of France!"

Episode 70:
Cartoon Palooza: Cats Don't Dance

Mark Dindal's directorial debut, featuring singing felines and 5-year old insane villains!

Episode 69:
Cartoon Palooza: Is Elsa the Poster Child for Introverts?

A discussion on how the biggest animated movie of our generation does well with its portrayal of introverts in the media.

Episode 68:
Cartoon Palooza: Adventure Time - Lemonhope Episodes

Well, Joey didn't think it would take this long to do a review of something Adventure Time related!

Episode 67:
Cartoon Palooza: Chicken Little

Joey doesn't think the sky is the only thing falling in this review of the 2005 Disney effort.

Episode 66:
Cartoon Palooza: A Drawing Watches Planes: Fire and Rescue

Joey thinks they may as well call it Planes, Trains and Automobiles 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Episode 65:
Cartoon Palooza: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Time to roll out and watch explosions, stereotypes and awkward bathroom humor galore!

Episode 64:
Cartoon Palooza: I Love to Singa

Do you love to sing-ah about the moon-ah or the june-a or the spring-ah? It's a legitimate question!

Episode 63:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Badass Animated Music Videos

Let's combine sweet tunes with bodacious animation and see which ones make Joey's list!

Episode 62:
Cartoon Palooza: A Drawing Watches How to Train Your Dragon 2

Is the sequel to DreamWorks' animated hit enough to "draw" in this viewer?

Episode 61:
Cartoon Palooza: Robots

Let's take a journey down to Robot City, where we discover a movie that walks a fine line between great to fair at best.

Episode 60:
Cartoon Palooza: The Grim Adventures of KND

Nothing beats a good crossover, unless it's Cartoon All Stars, but that's an anomaly!

Episode 59:
Cartoon Palooza: The Nut Job

Watch as Joey witnesses the animated movie he found the most disappointing from earlier this year!

Episode 58:
Cartoon Palooza: A Drawing Watches Legends of Oz

Watching this flick, Joey is sure grateful that there's no place like home!

Episode 57:
Cartoon Palooza: Rugats Go Wild

Would Nigel find this crossover "Smashing"? Let's see how this insanity unfolds with the last theatrical movie featuring The Rugrats!

Episode 56:
Cartoon Palooza: The Bubsy Pilot

Well, Joey was bound to review a bad short cartoon eventually. In this case, it's a failed pilot for a video game adaptation.

Episode 55:
Cartoon Palooza: Why are the Minions So Damn Popular?

Joey begs to ask this question drinking his minion coffee mug while wearing his vintage minion t-shirt...

Episode 54:
Cartoon Palooza: A Drawing Watches Rio 2

Blue Sky makes a sequel that ISN'T a part of the Ice Age franchise! But is it worth it?

Episode 53:
Cartoon Palooza: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Let's see if this sequel should be left alone like the complimentary salad I usually get! Complete with a very special guest!

Episode 52:
Cartoon Palooza: Dredd

It's judgement time! Joey reviews a comic book movie (as if we've had enough of those in recent years)!

Episode 51:
Cartoon Palooza: A Drawing Watches The LEGO Movie

Is this the most original animated movie to come out in ages or just an American knock-off of A Town Called Panic?

Episode 50:
Cartoon Palooza: Stephen Hillenburg's Green Beret

I bet you didn't think the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants would have made this! Neither did I!

Episode 49:
Cartoon Palooza: Turbo

...It's Power Rangers Turbo-tastic TIIME!!!! Yeah, who saw that joke coming? Joey continues to explain his distaste for DreamWorks with their snail racing picture.

Episode 48:
Cartoon Palooza: Surly Squirrel

While Joey considers The Nut Job to be a disappointment, he doesn't feel the same way about the original short it sprung from!

Episode 47:
Cartoon Palooza: Why is Western Animation Viewed as a Kids Genre?

For all the adults and teenagers whose felt the pressure of walking into a theater of toddlers trying to enjoy a movie while feeling judged by parents... this editorial is for you!

Episode 46:
Cartoon Palooza: Ret Hot Riding Hood

How about we watch the short based on "Little Red Riding Hood" directed by Tex Avery. You know...the one where the Wolf wants to have sex with Little Red?

Episode 45:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Favourite Cartoon Characters

So which characters from TV and theatrical shorts made the cut? Some surprises and no-brainers, if you ask me.

Episode 44:
Cartoon Palooza: The OTHER Rudolph Movie

Who'd imagine there would be another movie based on the jingle "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer"? Let's see if it takes a dump on the legacy of one of Joey's favorite holiday specials.

Episode 43:
Cartoon Palooza: John Lewis Christmas Ad

Didn't think Joey would go as low as to review the things that advertises other stuff, right? Well, to be fair, this short has its heart in the right place!

Episode 42:
Cartoon Palooza: A Fairly Odd Christmas

Tis the season for some crappy cartoons on the Cartoon Palooza. How about we follow up with the sequel to the movie, Grow Up Timmy Turner? No... well, TOO BAD!!

Episode 41:
Cartoon Palooza: Are Cartoons Becoming Too Realistic?

With more computer animated movies and those that rely heavily on CGI, does this mean that cartoons are now all striving for realism?

Episode 40:
Cartoon Palooza: Escape from Tomorrow

Let's see whether the ultimate guerilla film of the year should be celebrated or left in the catacombs at the happiest place on earth!

Episode 39:
Cartoon Palooza: A Little Piece of Heaven

Come watch the horror of Joey's crossover with the Undead Music Reviewer Soundbite! They take a stab at Avenged Sevenfold and their animated music video.

Episode 38:
Cartoon Palooza: Vincent

Let's look at one of Tim Burton's earliest films about a young boy named Vincent Malloy...

Episode 37:
Cartoon Palooza: Hoodwinked!

Well...it's the official "true story" behind Little Red Riding Hood brought to us by the Weinsteins that is IN NO WAY, shape or form riding off the success of Shrek!

Episode 36:
Cartoon Palooza: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Let's watch the wacky adaptation of one of Joey's favorite children's books growing up! Have a meal before watching though... you might get hungry!

Episode 35:
Cartoon Palooza: Rugrats in Paris The Movie

Let's see if the second movie is just as good as the first... and how many "we-we" jokes Joey will find in the process!

Episode 34:
Cartoon Palooza: Delgo

Joey looks at the box office bomb which was considered for the longest time to be the biggest CG turkey of all time!

Episode 33:
Cartoon Palooza: Anastasia

So either way you look at it, you have a Disney knock-off made by the guy who was knocked out of Disney! Hilarity ensues!

Episode 32:
Cartoon Palooza: Home on the Range

Well... we could only imagine what the big guys at Disney were thinking when green lighting a movie with Roseanne Barr as a talking cow!

Episode 31:
Cartoon Palooza: Is The Incredible Hulk (2008) The "Good" Hulk Movie?

Joey begs to ask the question: Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Incredible Hulk movie really better than Ang Lee's version?

Episode 30:
Cartoon Palooza: Dreams and Desires - Family Ties

In this shorty, Joey takes a look at a found footage animated short (not easy to come across) from one of his favorite indie-female animators in the business, Joanna Quinn!

Episode 29:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Favourite Ren and Stimpy Show Moments

Joey counts down the top strangest moments of The Ren and Stimpy Show, for all of you sick little monkeys!

Episode 28:
Cartoon Palooza: The Rugrats Movie

Joey returns to the nostalgia well that is Rugrats to see if we need to change this movie's diapey!

Episode 27:
Cartoon Palooza: Paramount Superman Cartoons

A look back at the shorts based on the man of steel from the Fleischers and Famous Studios!

Episode 26:
Cartoon Palooza: How I'd Make the New Popeye

With Genndy Tarakovsky directing a new Popeye movie, I share my thoughts on how it's going to be done... THE AWESOME WAY!!!

Episode 25:
Cartoon Palooza: Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Joey discusses a trendy and forgettable Dreamworks movie? Yep, believe it or not, those are hard to come across!

Episode 24:
Cartoon Palooza: At Da Movies with Epic

Does this movie deserve to be called by its namesake or has the internet over-killed its meaning?

Episode 23:
Cartoon Palooza: Plane Crazy

So, does this mean Disney advertisements should address what REALLY is the first Mickey Mouse short?

Episode 22:
Cartoon Palooza: Symphony Hour

Nothing like watching a cherished family icon pull out a pistol and threaten Donald Duck!

Episode 21:
Cartoon Palooza: Top Five Silliest Disney Animated Villains

We know these Disney villains can be pretty intimidating... but how about goofy?

Episode 20:
Cartoon Palooza: Enchanted

Joey discusses his thoughts on Enchanted, a parody of movies that have been parodied to death already?!

Episode 19:
Cartoon Palooza: Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Joey looks at Joe Dante and Eric Goldberg's attempt at a hybrid Looney Tunes movie, following the 90-minute commercial with Michael Jordan.

Episode 18:
Cartoon Palooza: Gahan Wilson's Diner

Joey showcases a short film from the 90s with spooky imagery and an unfitting soundtrack!

Episode 17:
Cartoon Palooza: Batman Under the Red Hood

This last installment of the Batman Chronicles faces his most challenging obstacle yet... his own Boy Wonder! (Oops... Spoilers!)

Episode 16:
Cartoon Palooza: Batman Beyond Return of the Joker

It's the madhouse of life! The Joker takes on the edgier-hipper Batman from Batman Beyond!

Episode 15:
Cartoon Palooza: The Batman Superman Movie

Joey Tedesco presents the first installment of the "Batman Chronicle" reviews, featuring the world’s finest!

Bonus Episode:
Cartoon Palooza: Warm Bodies

In a non-animation video, Joey gives a past review of a recent movie that shows how true love prevails in the zombie apocalypse.

Episode 14:
Cartoon Palooza: Mickey and the Beanstalk

So, what would you choose? A feature length Bryan Singer movie or a Mickey Mouse short?

Episode 13:
Cartoon Palooza: The Reward

Joey Tedesco gives a brief review of badassery and a mention of last week's Oscars.

Episode 12:
Cartoon Palooza: The Annual Cartoon Palooza Oscar Predictions

It's that time of year to see Hollywood's pretty dresses and overrated-I mean.... prestigious accolades!

Episode 11:
Cartoon Palooza: Paperman

A look at the new and innovative way traditional animation is made...with computers.

Episode 10:
Cartoon Palooza: Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

This is your brain after watching your favorite cartoon characters turn into major narcs!

Episode 9:
Cartoon Palooza: All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

Sequels where a majority of the cast and crew from the original are not involved work well, right?

Episode 8:
Cartoon Palooza: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Joey Tedesco takes some time to look at one of Don Bluth's STRANGEST films!

Episode 7:
Cartoon Palooza: The Greatest Game Ever Played

See what happens when Joey Tedesco and sports movie reviewer Matthew Iannone watch a golf movie starring Shia LaBeouf!

Episode 6:
Cartoon Palooza: Joe and Josh Discuss Voice Acting and the Oscars

Joey Tedesco and Joshua the Anarchist talk about qualifying voice actors into the Oscars and the general stigma of animation as its own medium.

Episode 5:
Cartoon Palooza: ParaNorman

In the first edition of a longer format segment of Cartoon Palooza, Joey looks at one of his favorite animated films of the year!

Episode 4:
Cartoon Palooza: Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights

From his archives, Joey Tedesco looks at one of his most hated animated films, Adam Sandler's holiday flick Eight Crazy Nights.

Episode 3:
Cartoon Palooza: Regular Show "The Christmas Special"

Joey Tedesco take a look at the in-appropriately titled Regular Show and its Christmas Special, "The Christmas Special." Original title...

Episode 2:
Cartoon Palooza: The Fairly Odd Movie

Joey Tedesco asks "Butch Hartman, how about you work on a live action theatrical Danny Phantom movie instead?"

Episode 1:
Cartoon Palooza: It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

For its first episode on this website, Cartoon Palooza presents a mini-review of the latest nautical nonsense brought to us in stop motion!