Attention cinephiles! Are you enjoying the ongoing web series, The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews? Well, you are in for a treat as The DVD Shelf extends its reach across the world with The DVD Shelf Foreign Flix!

Episode 23:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Dead Snow

Nazi zombies attack as Andy reviews the 2009 Norwegian horror zom-com Dead Snow, along with its 2014 follow-up Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead!

Episode 22:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Ninja Scroll

In his very first review of an animated movie, Andy takes a look back at the acclaimed 1993 Japanese anime film, Ninja Scroll!

Episode 21:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Black Out

In the spirit of crime thrillers like Memento and comedies like The Hangover and Dude, Where's My Car?, Andy reviews the 2012 Dutch action/crime comedy Black Out!

Episode 20:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Ip Man

This twentieth episode is the biggest one yet as Andy explores the legend of Ip Man, the renowned martial artist, grandmaster of Wing Chun, and most famously, Bruce Lee's first teacher.

Special Episode:
DVD Shelf Top Spots: Top 10 Hidden Gems - Action Edition

In this episode, Andy recommends ten more hidden gems, this time focusing on the action genre!

Special Episode:
DVD Shelf Top Spots: Top 10 Hidden Gems

In this episode of The DVD Shelf Top Spots, Andy counts down ten great films that either didn't make a big splash at the box-office upon their initial release or ones that continue to not get enough love.

Episode 19:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: The Lives of Others

In this episode, Andy takes a look at the compelling Oscar-winning German spy drama, The Lives Of Others!

Episode 18:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

In this episode, Andy rings in the holidays with quite the unconventional Christmas flick – the Finnish dark fantasy film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale!

Special Episode:
DVD Shelf Top Spots: Top 10 Revenge Scenes

The premiere episode of The DVD Shelf Top Spots is a bloody good time as Andy counts down ten of his favorite revenge scenes from modern foreign films!

Episode 17:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Fulltime Killer

In this episode, Andy reviews the 2001 Hong Kong action thriller Fulltime Killer, a tale of two hitmen starring Andy Lau and Takashi Sorimachi.

Episode 16:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Black Sheep

In this episode, Andy reviews the outrageous 2006 horror/comedy from New Zealand about, you guessed it, killer zombie sheep.

Episode 15:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: The Ong-Bak Trilogy

The DVD Shelf Foreign Flix returns with a swift kick to the face as Andy reviews Ong-Bak, the 2003 high-octane martial arts action sensation from Thailand, along with its two subpar sequels.

Episode 14:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

Foreign Flix Andy looks at the feature film debut of British director Guy Ritchie, whose signature chaotic filmmaking style is already very evident here in his first major directing effort.

Episode 13:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Brotherhood of the Wolf

Andy reviews the 2001 French action/horror film Brotherhood of the Wolf and discusses the real-life series of 18th century killings that inspired the story of this historical thriller.

Episode 12:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Wu Xia (Dragon)

On this episode, our host reviews the 2011 Chinese martial arts action film, Wu Xia, known as Dragon in the United States, which is a very loose retelling of David Cronenberg's A History of Violence.

Episode 11:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: The City of Violence

In this episode of DVD Shelf Foreign Flix, South Korea brings us the 2006 martial arts action crime thriller The City of Violence.

Episode 10:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Red Cliff

The milestone tenth installment of DVD Shelf Foreign Flix is the biggest episode yet as ancient Chinese history and legends are brought to life in the epic two-part war drama Red Cliff.

Episode 9:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Troll Hunter

This episode will whisk you away to the dark woods of Norway as three college students with a camera follow a grizzled exterminator who spends his nights tracking down the elusive troll.

Episode 8:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: The Rebel

This episode brings you the 2007 Vietnamese historical action epic The Rebel, which tells the harrowing story of a Vietnamese martial artist during the country’s 1920s-era French occupation.

Episode 7:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Hanna

Follow the thrilling exploits of a young trained warrior as she experiences the modern world for the first time in her life and relax while host Andy Snyder discusses Joe Wright's Hanna.

Episode 6:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Battle Royale

This episode of The DVD Shelf Foreign Flix goes head-to-head in a bloody fight for survival with the controversial Japanese thriller Battle Royale.

Episode 5:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: District B13

France proves that it can pull off high-stakes action with the Luc Besson-produced 2004 thriller District B13, which pits a streetwise punk and an undercover cop against a dangerous mob within the gated-off ghettos of Paris.

Episode 4:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Infernal Affairs

The DVD Shelf Foreign Flix kicks off the new year with a look at the famed 2002 Chinese crime thriller Infernal Affairs. This film would go on to inspire the main premise behind Martin Scorsese's The Departed.

Episode 3:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: 2LDK

In this episode of DVD Shelf Foreign Flix, you’re invited to 2LDK, a two bedroom apartment shared by two young aspiring actresses who are competing for the same big break.

Episode 2:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Downfall

In this episode of DVD Shelf Foreign Flix, you'll learn all about the powerful 2004 German drama Downfall, the Oscar-nominated examination of the most famous dictator's final days.

Episode 1:
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: The Raid - Redemption

The DVD Shelf extends its reach across the world with the premiere episode of The DVD Shelf Foreign Flix! Your new host will bring a strong love for cinema produced outside of the United States and recommend an endless slew of films from anywhere on Earth!