Face Nelson reviews random movies, music videos, shows and whatever else she is in the mood for.

Episode 25:
Face Nelson: "Call Me Maybe" Review

"Call Me Maybe" is everywhere. And Face Nelson is going to review Carly Rae Jepson's hit single.

Episode 24:
Face Nelson: "We Are Young" & "Some Nights" Review

In this review, Face Nelson has fun. Quite literally. The name of the band is "fun." With this alternative band at the top of the pop charts, Face explores the appeal of fun.'s two most popular songs.

Episode 23:
Face Nelson: The Evolution of the Boy Band

Taking content from the 1950s to present day, Face Nelson reflects on the evolution of one of western culture's biggest musical guilty pleasures: the boy band.

Episode 22:
Face Nelson: "Hot in Herre" Review

Things get a little heated when Face Nelson reviews a popular rap song from 2002, Nelly's "Hot in Herre."

Episode 21:
Face Nelson: Top 10 Best Break-Up Songs

What's love got to do with it? Another Valentine's Day has come and gone and so has Face Nelson's patience for the commercialized holiday centering around romantic relationships. Join Face Nelson as she counts down her Top 10 Best Break-up Songs.

Episode 20:
Face Nelson: Sketch - The College Interview

An interview with a quirky college student throws some unexpected curves at the interviewer.

Episode 19:
Face Nelson: "Jessie's Girl" Review

Grab your Zubaz and leg warmers! It's time to take a trip with Face Nelson all the way back to 1981 and look at Rick Springfield's music video for his hit song, "Jessie's Girl."

Episode 18:
Face Nelson: Barbie and the Rockers Review

Barbie's first feature length film, Out of This World, takes a beating as Face Nelson reviews a terrible movie about one of the blandest characters in existence.

Episode 17:
Face Nelson: Last Friday Night - Katy Perry Review

Face Nelson returns by reviewing Katy Perry's latest chart-topper, "Last Friday Night."

Episode 16:
Face Nelson: Top Summer Movies and Songs

With summer fast approaching, Face Nelson discusses her top 5 favorite summer movies and top 5 favorite summer songs.

Episode 15:
Face Nelson: Born This Way - Lady Gaga Review

Everyone's going Gaga over the #1 song on the charts, Born This Way. But can Face Nelson take on the reigning queen of pop music's latest hit and come out on top?

Episode 14:
Face Nelson: We R Who We R - Ke$ha Review

Face Nelson looks back on popular singer Ke$ha's past songs and then reviews her latest single, We R Who We R.

Episode 13:
Face Nelson: The Top 10 Best Chick Flicks

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Face Nelson offers insight into why women like romance movies and counts down the Top 10 best chick flicks throughout the decades.

Episode 12:
Face Nelson: Never Say Never by Justin Bieber, featuring Jaden Smith Review

Face Nelson finds out why Justin Bieber should have said "Never" to this song collaboration with Jaden Smith for the Karate Kid soundtrack.

Episode 11:
Face Nelson: McGee and Me! Review

Face Nelson celebrates Christmas by watching the holiday episode of McGee and Me, a mini-series from the early 90's.

Episode 10:
Face Nelson: Top 12 Saddest Animal Deaths

In this episode, Face Nelson takes a look at the Top 12 Saddest Animal Deaths in movies and television. Make sure you bring your tissues.

Episode 9:
Face Nelson: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Review

Face Nelson finds a new sidekick to help her tackle the dark second installment in the Indiana Jones trilogy.

Episode 8:
Face Nelson: Glee Review

A neutral look at the hit Fox show, Glee. Face Nelson goes over the plot, the best and worst characters, and the best and worst dance numbers.

Episode 7:
Face Nelson: Iron Eagle Review

A mysterious visitor brings Face Nelson her next assignment that has all the 80's cheesiness anyone could ask for and then some.

Episode 6:
Face Nelson: Top 10 Most Embarassing Shows/Movies I Used to Like

We all have movies and shows we used to absolutely LOVE that are a bit embarrassing to admit to liking and now Face Nelson provides a top ten of her own.

Episode 5:
Face Nelson: Twilight Review

Face Nelson presents a neutral review of the massively popular Twilight series.

Episode 4:
Face Nelson: The Medallion Review

Whoever said that bad kung fu movies are dead...lied. Face Nelson presents a review of the 2003 Jackie Chan movie, The Medallion.

Episode 3:
Face Nelson: The Amazing Panda Adventure Review

Face Nelson reviews the 1995 movie starring Stephen Lang, some kids that we never hear about again and a fluffy panda cub.

Episode 2:
Face Nelson: The King and I (Animated)Review

Face Nelson digs into Richard Rich's animated adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical classic The King and I.

Episode 1:
Face Nelson: Batman Forever Review

In her first episode, Face Nelson provides a review of Batman Forever, directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Val Kilmer.