Episode 5:
A Final Fantasy VII Narrative Retrospective: The Mighty Have Fallen

Roushutsu details the events in Discs 2 and 3 of Final Fantasy VII.

Game covered in this part: Final Fantasy VII

Part 1:

Part 2:

Comments Section:

Name: John
Date And Time: 2013-07-18 19:35:18
Comment: Part two of The Might Have Fallen is gone. Why is that?

Name: Erik
Date And Time: 2010-10-04 06:46:40
Comment: Hi, Roushutsu! Thanks for bringing up these videos! And because of you, I now know the backstory of Final Fantasy VII, but because of you, I unfortently (I don't know how to spell it correctly.) ended up spoiling myself. GOD, I'm stupid. Anyways, I also liked that you ignore cursing and does a retrospective like how a retrospective should be. Thank you! Sincerly Erik H°idahl Lundgaard Age: 13 years. Born: July 27th, 1997 11:30 AM. Favorite Color: Blue. Favorite Food: Pommes Frites Milk Chokolate. (Mmmm!) PS: Will you release episode 7 soon? PSS: I like the look of the back of Diamond Weapon.

Name: GaiaNex
Date And Time: 2010-05-06 20:00:49
Comment: Best Retrospective Ever, even better than Game trailers!!

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