Jaimetud: A comical look at the life of a man and his hobbies, his struggles and anything else that interests him.

Episode 57:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Grinch

It's high time for Jaimetud to take on Illumination's Grinch vehicle with Benedict Cumberbatch as the most nasal sounding Grinch to date.

Episode 56:
Jaimetud: The Curse of Project Halloween

Back by popular demand! Fourth time's the charm and this year's no different. Join Jaimetud and his brood for another round of annual, hokey, Halloweenie, haunts!

Episode 55:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Fly

As part of the "Vaulting Across Time" saga, Jaimetud steps into Morgan's shoes for a swat at The Fly! Specifically the David Cronenberg film with Jeff Goldblum. Why? Because 80s horror is awesome!

Episode 54:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Charlie vs. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Join Jaimetud and Morgan as they pit both the classic 1971 film and the 2005 film against the novel that started it all in this spectacular, feature length episode with guest stars from all over!

Episode 53:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - A Christmas Story vs. Jean Shepherd

Unwrap the ultimate Christmas gift with another adaptation you may never have known was a book on this year's Christmas themed "From Pages To Pictures." Question is, which version of the story deserves a mouthful of soap? Let's have a read!

Episode 52:
Jaimetud: The Bride of Project Halloween

Third time's the charm and this year's Project Halloween is no exception! Get ready for another round of kooky, kreepy music videos to put the fun in your Halloween!

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: Vaulting - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Jaimetud teams up with Morgan Leger to revisit a small adventure from their childhood. One has some warm vibes while the other views it as a nightmare from the past.

Episode 51:
Jaimetud: The Son of Project Halloween

Project Halloween is back for another season. Don't forget to take your kids out trick or treating and rob them of their candy before putting them to bed and THEN watching this one.

Episode 50:
Jaimetud: The Chris Van Allsburg Trilogy

Three videos from Jaimtud for Christmas? You better believe it! Jaimetud presents comparisons of three Chris Van Allsburg children's classics and their big-budget film adaptations.

Episode 49:
Jaimetud: The Lost Childhood Scare

One last stab at the old childhood scare for Jaimetud. What exactly is it? You'll just have to watch and see...

Episode 48:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Batman: The Killing Joke

Let's go loony with one of the most anticipated direct-to-video comic book movies from DC and see what the insanity's all about!

Episode 47:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Lorax

What, praytell, is the best way to speak for the trees? That's what Jaimetud's here to find out in this latest episode of "From Pages To Pictures."

Episode 46:
Jaimetud: Silicon Valley Comic-Con

Jaimetud and Jonathan Murphy got to experience the first ever Silicon Valley Comic-Con! William Shatner, Stan Lee, Christopher Lloyd and hundreds of fanboys under one roof. Let's see what happens!

Episode 45:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Jungle Book

In time for the new live-action film, Jaimetud takes a look at Disney's classic adaptation of The Jungle Book and compares it to the novel to see which one you can actually "trust."

Episode 44:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Paddington

A talking bear in London shows up and no one questions it? Why, it must be Paddington, of course.

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Commentary)

The award winning crossover From Pages to Pictures episode from last Christmas gets the commentary treatment.

Episode 43:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - I Know What You Did Last Summer

Let's slice and dice our way through this Halloween with a look at this 90s slasher, the book it came from and one of the most bizarre adaptation stories ever!

Episode 42:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Alias Madame Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire was a book? Why, yes it was. And Jaimetud is here to explain how a dramatic story about divorce became a comedy vehicle for a certain beloved funnyman.

Special Episode:
Jaimetud: Top 10 Things You Can't Do With Your Cell Phone...YET

As a rather different April Fools surprise this year, Jaimetud tosses aside his usual formula for... cell phone gadgets? Hmm...

Episode 41:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Seuss' notorious Christmas Curmudgeon finally gets his due on this Christmas themed episode with a threeway look at Dr. Seuss, Chuck Jones AND Ron Howard.

Episode 40:
Jaimetud: Project Halloween

It's a musical Halloween celebration unlike anything the reviewaverse has EVER seen before! Let Jaimetud and his costars guide you through a creative cavalcade of hokey Halloweenie haunts!

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: Your Top 11 Best Scares of Childhood (Commentary)

Jaimetud is joined by fellow scare fans Cody Kluesner, Whyboy, Mr. Coat, Andrew Shepard, DukeCT and Morgan Leger to discuss the making of the award winning third entry in the "Best Scares" Halloween specials.

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: 3rd Mr. Coat Awards Party Highlights

At LONG last! The party video for this year's Mr. Coat Awards is here. If you want to see the legit reactions of the nominees, this is the place.

Episode 39:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

It's time for another one of Jaimetud's childhood favorites to get a long overdue, thorough examination. And to give the late Bob Hoskins some well deserved recognition.

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: Jaimetud and Morgan watch "Mr. Coat's 300th Episode!"

To stave things off for another episode from both of them, Jaimetud and Morgan have done something they sincerely hope won't get them in trouble with anybody.

Episode 38:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - James and the Giant Peach

It's high time for Jaimetud to slice open this juicy classic from his childhood and give you the scoop on what got changed from script to screen. Also, enjoy some rather amusing stories about what happens to little boys named James.

Special Episode:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

In this episode of From Pages To Pictures, we take a look at a movie made for nerds from Edgar Wright and the series of graphic novels it was based on.

Episode 37:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Die Hard vs. Nothing Lasts Forever

This classic macho Christmas movie was based on a book? Hell yeah! And Jaimetud has all the details! Join him and LT for an action packed holiday extravaganza!

Episode 36:
Jaimetud: Jaimetud and Morgan Watch The Nutcracker in 3D

Somewhere in between painful amusement and just PAIN lies this, the most mean-spirited, unapologetic adaptation of The Nutcracker in existence. Time for Jaimetud and Morgan Leger to RIFF AWAY!

Episode 35:
Jaimetud: YOUR Top 11 Best Scares of Childhood (Part 3)

It might be almost time for Thanksgiving, but we still got one LAST round of best scares. So let Jaimetud and friends count you down to the long awaited number one!

Episode 34:
Jaimetud: YOUR Top 11 Best Scares of Childhood (Part 2)

Halloween's not over until Jaimetud says it is! No more bedtime stories or household appliances. This time, the real creeps are coming out to play!

Episode 33:
Jaimetud: YOUR Top 11 Best Scares of Childhood (Part 1)

Halloween is kicking into gear with Part 1 of Jaimetud's revisit to the "Best Scares" department, and this time, he's got a line-up of guest stars to DIE for! Did one of your scares make the list? Check it out!

Episode 32:
Jaimetud: Franken Berry and Boo Berry

Starting off the season of Halloween, Jaimetud has prepped up a little monster themed cereal review for all to enjoy!

Episode 31:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - War of the Worlds

The long awaited episode finally arrives! With all of the different War of the Worlds adaptations out there, is it possible to make an adaptation that's both true to the novel and still enjoyable?

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Commentary)

The semi-controversial episode of "From Pages To Pictures" now comes with its very own commentary! James Sullivan aka Jaimetud and Morgan Leger tell all about the behind the scenes of this particular episode and also address some of the blowback.

Episode 30:
Jaimetud: Second Annual Mr. Coat Awards Party Highlights!

The commentary is finally here! Watch all of your favorite Mr. Coat Personalities (Well some of them at least) react to the awards as they happened live and get a few laugh in along the way.

Episode 29:
Jaimetud: The Simpsons in Paper-Mation

In this episode, Jaimetud takes on a video presentation so obscure, it never left the house of the kid who created it. Fear the mediocrity that is "The Simpsons in Paper-Mation."

Episode 28:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The History of Scrooge (Part 2)

The holidays are well over and it's time for the humbugs. Part 2 of "The History of Scrooge" isn't going to be as nice as Part 1, but we'll see if we can find a few gems in there.

Episode 27:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The History of Scrooge (Part 1)

In this unique Christmas themed episode, Jaimetud presents a look at the long noble history of Christmas Carol Adaptations. In Part One, he covers the adaptations from the early days of film to the 90s - The GOOD period.

Episode 26:
Jaimetud: Jaimetud and LT's Top 5 Horror Comedies

It's late, Halloween's over, but somehow we could care less! Jaimetud is joined by his old pal LT for an unforgettable list of horror comedies. Get ready to laugh till you scream!

Episode 25:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Bambi

In an episode that's sure to turn some heads, Jaimetud looks at one of the greatest animated films of all time and measures it up against the book story no one expected. All sensitive souls, grab a Kleenex. This one is sure to surprise.

Episode 24:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

On this episode of "From Pages to Pictures," things are about to get "Vaulted," as Jaimetud is joined by "Vaulting" host Morgan Leger for a look at this 2009 blockbuster and its storybook origins.

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Chronicles of Narnia (COMMENTARY)

Jaimetud and Face Nelson join the commentary fray with this commentary on the Chronicles of Narnia episode of "From Pages To Pictures."

Episode 23:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Legend of the Guardians vs. Guardians of Ga'Hoole

In this episode, Jaimetud takes a look at the book to movie translation nobody asked for and gives you the play by play on what was changed in the process.

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: Mr. Coat Awards Party Highlights!

The night of the Mr. Coat Awards Ceremony, Jaimetud joined some friends and fellow nominees for a Skype chat. And little did they know that they were being recorded! Wanna hear what went down? For a good laugh, just take a listen.

Episode 22:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Chronicles of Narnia

Merry Christmas! This holiday season, Jaimetud tackles all three Narnia movies. And this time, he's got some help from the one and only Face Nelson!

Episode 21:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - Stand By Me vs. The Body

In this episode of From Pages to Pictures, Jaimetud compares Rob Reiner's Stand by Me to the Stephen King novella that it spawned from, aptly titled The Body.

Episode 20:
Jaimetud: Zombie Lake

It is the ABSOLUTE WORST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE and this Halloween, Jaimetud is giving it the bashing it deserves. Beware the horror that is Zombie Lake!

Bonus Episode:
Jaimetud: The Top 11 NEXT Best Scares of Childhood

Jaimetud's biggest episode yet is back for a second round of scares, this time in a full hour long fright fest! See it now, the way it was meant to be seen!

Episode 19:
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Princess and the Frog

Jaimetud kicks off his new show, From Pages to Pictures, with the hit Disney flick The Princess and the Frog and its lesser known literary source, The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker.

Episode 18:
Jaimetud: The Top 11 NEXT Best Scares of Childhood (Part 2)

The long awaited second half of Jaimetud and Hewy Toonmore's grand collaboration is up! What childhood haunts made it into this half of the special? Tune in to find out!

Episode 17:
Jaimetud: A Claymation Easter

The Will Vinton Holiday trilogy finally rounds out as Jaimetud takes a look at the final stop-motion animated television special A Claymation Easter.

Episode 16:
Jaimetud: Duel

In this episode, Jaimetud takes a look at Steven Spielberg's first feature film, Duel.

Episode 15:
Jaimetud: The Top 11 NEXT Best Scares of Childhood (Part 1)

The Best Scares are back! Jaimetud lists off the the best scares of childhood that he forgot about the last time. Only this time he has a special guest: Hewy Toonmore of Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews!

Episode 14:
Jaimetud: Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas

Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas is the best, most underrated Christmas special of all time. Why? Jaimetud tells all in this special holiday episode.

Episode 13:
Jaimetud: The Search for the Wii

Straight from the archives, the first episode of "Jaimetud" from 2007. In this episode, Jaimetud searches tirelessly for a Nintendo Wii online and finds online stores to be quite useless.

Episode 12:
Jaimetud: Planet of the Apes

There's nothing quite like watching classic movies while soaring through space, as Jaimetud brings you his two cents on this classic Sci-Fi film. Part of the "Retrospective of the Apes" collaboration.

Episode 11:
Jaimetud: Jaimetud and LT's Top Ten Horror Movies

It's Halloween and time to watch some horror flicks! Having trouble figuring out which ones to watch? Jaimetud's here to give you some of his favorites. But this much horror is too much for one filmmaker, so this time he's gonna call on a friend.

Episode 10:
Jaimetud: Top 11 Best Scares of Childhood

Jaimetud is here to give you a look at certain books and movies that gave him a good fright back in the day. Remember that book or that movie from back in the day that gave you a good fright, but you find that you're the only person around that remembers it? Sit back and enjoy Jaimetud's Top 11 Best Scares of Childhood.

Episode 9:
Jaimetud: Claymation Comedy of Horrors

Jaimetud's saga of Will Vinton's Claymation continues with what could hardly be called a followup: "Will Vinton's Claymation Comedy of Horrors."

Episode 8:
Jaimetud: Shout! To The Music

Jaimetud recollects his summer job as a music director for a lesser known Off-Broadway play and pokes fun at the process of writing the music in this special, musical episode of "Jaimetud." Will some of your favorite songs from the sixties make an appearance here?

Episode 7:
Jaimetud: "Somebody to Love" All-Stars

What would happen if Freddy Mercury lived long enough to see how people paid tribute to his classic song so many years later? The result might look something like this.

Episode 6:
Jaimetud: I'm a Little Bit PC

Jaimetud presents yet another take-off on the infamous "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" advertisements. Only this time, it's in song!

Episode 5:
Jaimetud: Stitch! The Movie

It's time for another review for the kiddies! Out of all the infamous sequels in the Disney company's straight-to-video library, is Stitch! The Movie a worthy sequel to it's predecessor? The answer might surprise you.

Episode 4:
Jaimetud: The Land Before Time TV Series

In this episode, Jaimetud takes on the final installment of one of the most overworked franchises in history and tries to decipher exactly what went wrong with the series overall.

Episode 3:
Jaimetud: Studying for the DMV

Driver's education is a tough deal and Jaimetud is here to help. Driver's written tests, griping about the DMV and one lousy Driver's Ed game make the grade in this episode. But is it all worth it? Will he pass the written test? You'll see.

Episode 2:
Jaimetud: Working Out for Hollywood

Jaimetud is working out for an upcoming short horror film and he gives the 411 while...doing pushups?

Episode 1:
Jaimetud: Yume Penguin Monogatari

In this episode, Jaimetud examines a particularly bizarre video game from the NES era. Both enjoyable and irritating, Yume Penguin Monogatari was never released in the United States. Why not? Just watch the video and be the judge.