Stuck in space driving the Rebel Taxi, all Pan-Pizza can do now is watch whatever DVDs he can find and be the Senator Kelly to the Teen Titans. Join his crusade to see some of the lamest or greatest shows he has ever bothered to watch.

Episode 242:
Pan-Pizza: The Lost R-Rated Holes Movie

Pan-Pizza covers the lost bizarre R-Rated Holes movie by Richard Kelly we almost got instead of the 2003 Disney Classic.

Episode 241:
Pan-Pizza: Adult Swim's Weird April Fools Pranks

Pan-Pizza catalogues all of Adult Swims April Fools Pranks. Everything from farts, Pibby, Toonami's return to Aqua Teen the Movie.

Episode 240:
Pan-Pizza: 15 Best/Worst Modern Cartoons Vol. 12

Pan-Pizza looks at some recent animated productions, including Stephen Colbert-produced series and a Disney+ movie.

Episode 239:
Pan-Pizza: Ranking the LEGO Movies

Pan-Pizza looks at how the LEGO Movies went from a massive franchise starter to ending after only four were released.

Episode 238:
Pan-Pizza: Sonic's Lost Talk Show Appearance and More Lost Media

Pan-Pizza explores various lost media, including a talk show appearance from a video game icon and a pilot for a Disney show.

Episode 237:
Pan-Pizza: The End of Cartoon Network Fridays

Pan-Pizza looks back at an era of Cartoon Network, when their Friday night block was a big deal.

Episode 236:
Pan-Pizza: How Disney Ruined Clerks Animated

Pan-Pizza looks at the history of Kevin Smith's Clerks animated series and what led to its unusual treatment by ABC in 2000.

Episode 235:
Pan-Pizza: Adult Swim's Banned Cartoon Minoriteam

Pan-Pizza looks at the production of an Adult Swim cartoon touching on some controversial issues and which the animation block immediately regretted.

Episode 234:
Pan-Pizza: Dominator The Movie

Pan-Pizza pays tribute to artist/animator Tony Luke by looking over his impressive comic books and animation.

Episode 233:
Pan-Pizza: Amazing Spiez!

Pan-Pizza reviews the creepy spin-off show of Totally Spies!, focusing on younger secret agents.

Episode 232:
Pan-Pizza: Cartoons About Making Cartoons

Pan-Pizza presents examples of shows that depict and parody the process of creating animation.

Episode 231:
Pan-Pizza: Celebrity Deathmatch's Brutal Stop-Motion

Pan-Pizza looks at the history and production of MTV's popular stop-motion animated series parodying celebrities.

Episode 230:
Pan-Pizza: Wii - Saving Nintendo in 7 Weird Games

Pan-Pizza looks at the beginning years of the Nintendo Wii and some of the games that define that early era.

Episode 229:
Pan-Pizza: 6 Weird Best or Semi-Lost PS3 Games

Pan-Pizza shout-outs a bunch of PlayStation 3 video games possibly lost to the seas of time.

Episode 228:
Pan-Pizza: 6 Weird Best or Expensive GameCube Games

Pan-Pizza shout-outs a bunch of unusual video games released on the Nintendo GameCube.

Episode 227:
Pan-Pizza: Every Nickelodeon Movies Reviewed Vol 5

Pan-Pizza continues his journey through the Nickelodeon movies, with a dreaded adaptation of a beloved show and an Oscar-winning animated film.

Episode 226:
Pan-Pizza: 10 Failed/Forgotten Games Vol. 1

A presentation of ten forgotten video games only Pan-Pizza cares about.

Episode 225:
Pan-Pizza: Happy Feet vs. Surf's Up

Pan-Pizza compares two animated penguin movies released around the same time and their years later sequels.

Episode 224:
Pan-Pizza: 9 Best/Worst Modern Cartoons Vol. 11

Pan-Pizza shouts out some more modern animation, each varying in quality.

Episode 223:
Pan-Pizza: Billy and Mandy's Grim Evolution

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy really evolved a lot and Pan-Pizza explores how.

Episode 222:
Pan-Pizza: The Hotel Transylvania Trilogy

Pan-Pizza reviews every single entry in Sony Animation's popular Hotel Transylvania franchise.

Episode 221:
Pan-Pizza: How Fraggle Rock Ended the Cold War

Pan-Pizza looks at the history of Fraggle Rock and how it made its way to the Soviet Union.

Episode 220:
Pan-Pizza: 7 Failed Animated Pilots Vol. 7

Pan-Pizza checks out some more promising animated pilots, including a reboot of an '80s cartoon and an attempted Kickstarter project.

Episode 219:
Pan-Pizza: Samurai Jack's Video Games

Pan-Pizza looks at the many video games based on Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack.

Episode 218:
Pan-Pizza: Dexter's Lab's Video Games

Pan-Pizza looks at the many video games based on Dexter's Laboratory.

Episode 217:
Pan-Pizza: The Lost SpongeBob Blink 182 Music Video

Pan-Pizza tries to find a music video that supposedly featured SpongeBob SquarePants and falls down a rabbit hole.

Episode 216:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Cartoon Games That Need A Remaster

Pan-Pizza suggests animation-inspired games that deserve to be remastered, ranging from Looney Tunes to Mickey Mouse.

Episode 215:
Pan-Pizza: Marvel's Teen Titans Go Rip-Off?

Pan-Pizza provides a quick look at a Marvel web-cartoon featuring Spider-Ham and Frog Thor.

Episode 214:
Pan-Pizza: The End of 2D DreamWorks Movies

Pan-Pizza looks at DreamWorks's brief foray into hand-drawn animated movies and why they stopped.

Episode 213:
Pan-Pizza: Clayfighter

Pan-Pizza looks back at the stop-motion animated Clayfighter video games.

Episode 212:
Pan-Pizza: What's the Worst Mortal Kombat Cartoon?

Pan-Pizza explores some cartoons based on the popular Mortal Kombat fighting games and movies.

Episode 211:
Pan-Pizza: MTV's Undergrads

Pan-Pizza goes into the history of MTV's short-lived cult animated series about college students.

Episode 210:
Pan-Pizza: Chop Socky Chooks

Pan-Pizza reviews a forgotten Cartoon Network/Aardman show about kung fu fighting chickens.

Episode 209:
Pan-Pizza: The Cursed and Creepy Media of Trolls

Pan-Pizza looks at the shows and movies based on the Troll dolls, before DreamWorks got its hands on them.

Episode 208:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Best/Worst Modern Cartoons Vol. 10

Pan-Pizza names some more modern cartoons, including an infamous reboot and Harley Quinn's own animated series.

Episode 207:
Pan-Pizza: Every Nick Movie Reviewed Vol. 4

Pan-Pizza continues reviewing the Nickelodeon Movies with a Jack Black comedy and their adaptation of a classic E.B. White book.

Episode 206:
Pan-Pizza: Failed and Controversial XBOX Mascots Vol. 2

Pan-Pizza presents more XBOX games that didn't take off for whatever reason.

Episode 205:
Pan-Pizza: The Rise and Demise of Dick Figures

Pan-Pizza gives a history of the once popular YouTube animated series Dick Figures.

Episode 204:
Pan-Pizza: Best and Underrated Cartoons of the 2010s

Pan-Pizza looks back at the previous decade to see the animated movies and shows that impressed him the most.

Episode 203:
Pan-Pizza: Top 43 Worst Cartoons of the 2010s

Pan-Pizza looks back at the previous decade to see the animated movies and shows that least impressed him.

Episode 202:
Pan-Pizza: Free Birds

Pan-Pizza looks at a computer animated movie about turkeys that was vegan propaganda, apparently.

Episode 201:
Pan-Pizza: TMNT 2007 - A Failed Trilogy

Pan-Pizza looks at the computer-animated Ninja Turtles movie that was intended to start a new franchise.

Episode 200:
Pan-Pizza: TMNT 2011 - The Cancelled Dark Ninja Turtles Movie

Pan-Pizza investigates what happened to the Ninja Turtle movie being produced by Legendary Pictures.

Episode 199:
Pan-Pizza: Top 7 Y2K Apocalyptic Cartoon Episodes

Pan-Pizza looks back at the pre-Y2K hysteria that inspired animation writers.

Episode 198:
Pan-Pizza: Mucha Lucha!

Pan-Pizza reviews Mucha Lucha!, the WB Kids cartoon about a school of masked wrestlers.

Episode 197:
Pan-Pizza: Blazing Samurai - A Lost Mel Brooks Cartoon

Pan-Pizza investigates the strange production of an animated talking animal movie, based on Blazing Saddles.

Episode 196:
Pan-Pizza: Best (& Worst) Upcoming Stylized Cartoony Games

Pan-Pizza looks ahead to the video games of the future attempting a more cartoon-like aesthetic.

Episode 195:
Pan-Pizza: Sonic X Review

Pan-Pizza revisits the Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog animated series and its English dub and sees how it holds up.

Episode 194:
Pan-Pizza: Failed Mascots of the Original Xbox

Pan-Pizza sees the attempts Microsoft's Xbox made to find an animated mascot, akin to their own Mario or Sonic.

Episode 193:
Pan-Pizza: The Neglectful Death and Rebirth of Boomerang

Pan-Pizza recounts the history of the classic cartoon channel Boomerang and whether the streaming app is worth it.

Episode 192:
Pan-Pizza: Love Death & Robots - Every Short from Worst to Best

Pan-Pizza looks at the newest Netflix anthology series and ranks the various adult animated shorts.

Episode 191:
Pan-Pizza: Every Nickelodeon Movie Reviewed Vol. 3

Pan-Pizza continues his trek through the Nick Movies, including the Lemony Snicket Movie and SpongeBob's first movie.

Episode 190:
Pan-Pizza: The Kim Possible Live-Action Movie

Pan-Pizza reviews the recent Disney Channel Movie, based on their beloved 2000s cartoon Kim Possible.

Episode 189:
Pan-Pizza: How Sega Killed the Next Big Online Multiplayer Game

Pan-Pizza looks at what happened to the Sega game Anarchy Reigns.

Episode 188:
Pan-Pizza: Wakfu Review

Pan-Pizza takes a look at the Best French Anime America never got.

Episode 187:
Pan-Pizza: 4 Even Worse Crummy Christmas Specials

Pan-Pizza finds a few more underwhelming Christmas specials for you to partake in during the holidays.

Episode 186:
Pan-Pizza: Michael Jackson's CGI Halloween Cartoon

Pan-Pizza looks at CBS's attempt at a Halloween special, featuring the music and likeness of Michael Jackson.

Episode 185:
Pan-Pizza: The Death of the Creepy Mocap Movies

Pan-Pizza reviews every single movie made by Robert Zemeckis's ImageMovers Digital motion-capture studio.

Episode 184:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Best/Worst Modern Cartoons Vol. 9

Pan-Pizza talks about a few recent reboots and an animated series based on a popular Disney movie.

Episode 183:
Pan-Pizza: 4 Flintstones for Adults Reboots

Pan-Pizza looks at a few attempts to bring the Flintstones into the modern stone age, including Seth MacFarlane's unmade series.

Episode 182:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Most Expensive Cartoon Disasters

Pan-Pizza examines some of the biggest box-office flops in animation history and why they failed.

Episode 181:
Pan-Pizza: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror

Pan-Pizza goes back to the Game Boy Color era with a review of a horror-themed Simpsons video game.

Episode 180:
Pan-Pizza: Every Nickelodeon Movie Reviewed Vol. 2

Pan-Pizza continues down the Nickelodeon Movies road with a boy genius, a time stopping watch and babies in Paris.

Episode 179:
Pan-Pizza: Next Gen Review

Pan-Pizza is impressed with the recently released Netflix animated movie, based on a rage meme comic of all things.

Episode 178:
Pan-Pizza: Every Nickelodeon Movie Reviewed Vol. 1

Pan-Pizza begins his trek through the almost thirty Nickelodeon movies we had the pleasure of seeing on the big screen.

Episode 177:
Pan-Pizza: Don't Go to Comic-Con

Pan-Pizza analyses why Comic-Con is no longer as fun as it once was.

Episode 176:
Pan-Pizza: The Incredibles Game

Pan-Pizza gives the video game tie-in of the classic Pixar movie The Incredibles a go.

Episode 175:
Pan-Pizza: Rocko's Modern Life

Pan-Pizza remembers Nickelodeon and Joe Murray's gross-out slice of life cartoon Rocko's Modern Life.

Episode 174:
Pan-Pizza: Disney XD Airs E3 Uncensored

Pan-Pizza is amused by Disney XD's live airing of the E3 Gaming Show, featuring some family unfriendly content.

Episode 173:
Pan-Pizza: The $1,000,000 KND Treehouse - Top 4 Lost Cartoons Vol. 3

Pan-Pizza is left perplexed by a million dollar item on Cartoon Network's website.

Episode 172:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Best/Worst Modern Cartoons Vol. 8

Pan-Pizza gives attention towards some more modern cartoons, with most of these aimed at a more adult audience.

Episode 171:
Pan-Pizza: Top 3 Best/Worst Failed Animated Pilots & Shorts

Pan-Pizza looks at a few potential cartoon pilots, including one from Butch Hartman.

Episode 170:
Pan-Pizza: Disney XD's Pathetic Video Game Shows

Pan-Pizza dives into Disney's odd attempts to appeal to the video game crowd.

Episode 169:
Pan-Pizza: The Woody Woodpecker Movie

Pan-Pizza examines the recent Woody Woodpecker live-action/CG hybrid, produced for the Brazilian market.

Episode 168:
Pan-Pizza: Jonah Hill's Allen Gregory

Pan-Pizza reivists Jonah Hill's failed cartoon and its incredibly short seven episode run on FOX.

Episode 167:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Best/Worst Adult Modern Cartoons

Pan-Pizza looks over some recent adult animated series, both the sublime and the immature.

Episode 166:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Animated Songs

Pan-Pizza names the most annoying songs to ever have found their way into animation, from misguided raps to outdated guest spots.

Episode 165:
Pan-Pizza: Taylor Lautner's Abduction Review

Pan-Pizza starts a new series about crazily bad movies with this action flop, starring Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins.

Episode 164:
Pan-Pizza: Top 4 Best or Worst Christmas Specials

Pan-Pizza praises and looks with bufflement at a select number of animated Christmas specials.

Episode 163:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Cartoon News of 2017

Pan-Pizza looks over some of the animated embarassments from this year, including misguided specials, poisonous fanbases and inappropriate creators.

Episode 162:
Pan-Pizza: 6 Worst Animation Errors Explained

Pan-Pizza finally tries to get the answers behind some unusual animation mistakes.

Episode 161:
Pan-Pizza: Giant Robo Review

Pan-Pizza review the Japanese anime about a giant robot. Of course, there's a giant robot.

Episode 160:
Pan-Pizza: Danny Phantom Planet Review

Pan-Pizza tackles the much criticised Danny Phantom tv-movie and outlines what went wrong.

Episode 159:
Pan-Pizza: Halloween Shockwave Game Reviews

Pan-Pizza decides to look at some Flash Shockwave game, based on popular Nick and CN Cartoons. Remember those, when you were a kid?

Episode 158:
Pan-Pizza: 6 Lost Unmade or Banned Celebrity Cartoons

Pan-Pizza researches some cartoons actors and musicians tried to get off the ground to little avail.

Episode 157:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Comic Book/Superhero Cartoons Never Made

Pan-Pizza drops some tidbits about some promising animated series based on comic books...that sadly didn't hit the airwaves.

Episode 156:
Pan-Pizza: Why TV Doesn't Want Anime & Action Cartoons Anymore

Pan-Pizza answers the pressing question of why animated action shows are no longer airing on Cartoon Network and Disney XD.

Episode 155:
Pan-Pizza: SDCC 2017 - Best/Worst Upcoming 2018 Cartoons

Pan-Pizza visits Comic-Con and gives some thoughts on the line-up of upcoming cartoons from your favourite channels.

Episode 154:
Pan-Pizza: Silly Bandz on the Run Review

Pan-Pizza examines a low-budget computer animated feature based on a fad nobody remembers anymore.

Episode 153:
Pan-Pizza: Digimon Adventures Review Retrospect

Pan-Pizza reviews the popular '90s anime series about catching digital monsters.

Episode 152:
Pan-Pizza: How Rugrats Ended 2D Disney Animation

Pan-Pizza analyses how the Nickelodeon phenomenon paved the way for Disney to abandaon hand-drawn animation.

Episode 151:
Pan-Pizza: 5 Best/Worst Modern Cartoons Vol. 6

Pan-Pizza gives a brief overview of some recent cartoons, including a couple of Netflix Originals and the newest Butch Hartman creation.

Episode 150:
Pan-Pizza: Samurai Jack Review Retrospect

Pan-Pizza takes us back to the past and analyses Genndy Tartakovsky's landmark series and its recent revival.

Episode 149:
Pan-Pizza: Top 12 Obscure Forgotten Nickelodeon Shows

Pan-Pizza lists off some series that have aired on Nickelodeon and may have escaped your memory.

Episode 148:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Animated Fictional Foods

This is food and top 10 from cartoons for children or kids or something.

Episode 147:
Pan-Pizza: Total Drama Review Retrospect

Pan-Pizza revisits the animated competition show that may have helped television animation in a major way.

Episode 146:
Pan-Pizza: Illumination's HOP Movie Review

Pan-Pizza tries to figure out the audience for Illumination's forgotten Easter hybrid picture.

Episode 145:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Obscure Forgotten Cartoon Network Shows

Pan-Pizza counts down the actual strange and obscure shows from Cartoon Network that almost everyone has forgotten.

Episode 144:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Weird Foreign Anime/Cartoon Remakes

Pan-Pizza looks at some of the strangest cases of foreign animation studios doing their own versions of popular cartoons.

Episode 143:
Pan-Pizza: Doogal Review

See what happens when the Weinstein Compay hires a bunch of celebrities to spout pop-culture references in a dub of a European animated film.

Episode 142:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Failed Animated Pilots & Shorts (Volume 5)

It's time for some other pilots that had potential to be series, but for one reason or another, didn't lead to anything.

Episode 141:
Pan-Pizza: Kim Possible Review Retrospect

Call him, beep him, when you gotta reach him as Pan-Pizza takes on the Disney cartoon Kim Possible.

Episode 140:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Animated Cartoon Moments of 2016

It's the new year, so let's remember some of the most embarassing moments animation wrought in 2016.

Episode 139:
Pan-Pizza: 5 Cartoonists Who Hated Their Work

Even animators hate their most beloved creations, ranging from Lauren Faust to the ever controversial John Kricfalusi.

Episode 138:
Pan-Pizza: The Truth Behind Rapsittie Street Kids

Rap City? Rhapsody? Rapsittie Kids? Pan-Pizza tries to figure out this strange oddity of a Christmas special.

Episode 137:
Pan-Pizza: 5 Best and Worst Modern Current Cartoons

Pan-Pizza decides to mix things up a bit by showcasing both cartoons he loves with those he can't stand.

Episode 136:
Pan-Pizza: It's the Nutshack Review

Pan-Pizza revisits a Filipino cartoon which he may or may not have unintentionally turned into an Internet meme.

Episode 135:
Pan-Pizza: Nightmare Before Christmas 2? Review

Just in time for Halloween, Pan-Pizza expresses his displeasure at the video game sequel to the animated holiday classic.

Episode 134:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Halloween Hidden Gems Vol. 2

Pan-Pizza remembers some more somewhat forgotten Halloween specials, this time featuring Scooby-Doo, the Grinch and a creepy CG witch.

Episode 133:
Pan-Pizza: Danny Phantom Review

Pan-Pizza fondly remembers the (first two seasons of the) Nickelodeon cartoon Danny Phantom, a more action-based superhero show from Butch Hartman.

Episode 132:
Pan-Pizza: Top 6 Lost Unfinished Banned Cartoons & Anime - Vol. 2

Pan-Pizza gives attention to some unfinished animation and an underapprciated WB cartoon cut short.

Episode 131:
Pan-Pizza: SHREK The XBOX Game? Review?

Pan-Pizza examines what might have gotten wrong with the transfer of Shrek to video games.

Episode 130:
Pan-Pizza: Coconut Fred Review - 5th Worst Cartoon Ever

Pan-Pizza remembers a dark period when Kids WB decided to air an obvious SpongeBob rip-off.

Episode 129:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Adult Animated Movie Hidden Gems

Pan-Pizza celebrates some of the more effed-up movies to come out of the world of adult animation.

Episode 128:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Animated Rip-Offs

Pan-Pizza explores some of the most weird coincidental and intended knock-offs of animated products.

Episode 127:
Pan-Pizza: Duckman Review

Pan-Pizza reviews the classic dirty cartoon from the '90s with the voice of Jason Alexander as a politically incorrect duck.

Episode 126:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Current Cartoons Vol. 4

It's yet another modern cartoons countdown, this time with more anime and Netflix shows.

Episode 125:
Pan-Pizza: Cel Damage Review

Pan-Pizza looks back at the classic cartoon influenced video game Cel Damage.

Episode 124:
Pan-Pizza: Powerpuff Girls 2016 Reboot Review - 4th Worst Cartoon Ever

Pan-Pizza asks why the new Powerpuff Girls revival ended up so disappointing.

Episode 123:
Pan-Pizza: Clone High Review

Pan-Pizza gives Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's debut television series a shot, which was sadly cancelled too early.

Episode 122:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Animated Reboots and Revivals

Pan-Pizza counts down some of the weakest and weirdest attempts to revive a cartoon for the modern age.

Episode 121:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Ugliest Creepiest Mascots

Pan-Pizza reminds us of those annoying mascots that so desperately wants us to buy their products, but only succeed in driving us away.

Episode 120:
Pan-Pizza: Mega Man Cartoon Episode Review - 3rd Worst Cartoon Ever

Pan-Pizza continues his search for the worst cartoons ever with this lion-themed episode of Mega Man.

Episode 119:
Pan-Pizza: My Life as a Teenage Robot Review

Remember that Nickelodeon cartoon about the teenager made of metal and she wears a human costume? Pan-Pizza does.

Episode 118:
Pan-Pizza: Tony Hawk Boom Boom Sabotage Review - 2nd Worst Cartoon Ever

Pan-Pizza remembers this completely forgotten attempt by Tony Hawk to become a beloved animated character.

Episode 117:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Moments & Controversies

Pan-Pizza explores some of the worst decisions made by Nickelodeon, including mistreatment of beloved shows and exploitation of the Internet.

Episode 116:
Pan-Pizza: Rugrats Review Retrospect

Why is Pan-Pizza making pudding at 4 o'clock in the morning? Because he's lost control of his life.

Episode 115:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Current Cartoons Vol. 3

Pan-Pizza calls some attention to some more modern cartoons, including the latest billionth reboot of a Hanna-Barbera show.

Episode 114:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Cartoon Christmas Specials

Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean Pan-Pizza can't name his favourite animated Christmas specials and the choices may surprise you.

Episode 113:
Pan-Pizza: Night B4 Christmas Review

Pan-Pizza looks at a somewhat obscure Christmas special that aired on Cartoon Network...and made by a production company with this as their own project.

Episode 112:
Pan-Pizza: Doug's Christmas Review - Most Depressing Xmas Special

Pan-Pizza takes another stab at a 90s cartoon show with a surprisingly somber Christmas special from Doug Funnie.

Episode 111:
Pan-Pizza: Jimmy Neutron Review

The Nickelodeon-produced Oscar-nominated animated hit that was then followed by the oddball television series about a boy genius.

Episode 110:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Halloween Special Hidden Gems

It's almost Halloween time, so that means it's time for Pan-Pizza to name some of his favourite horror movies nobody talks about.

Episode 109:
Pan-Pizza: Worst Movie of 2015 - Jem and the Holograms Review

The latest live-action movie based on an 80's cartoon gets a thrashing by Pan-Pizza, who explains why it's manipulative for more than one reason.

Episode 108:
Pan-Pizza: How Zombie Island Saved Scooby-Doo

That's right. This direct-to-video title helped bring the cult Hanna-Barbara show into a new, darker age.

Episode 107:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Rich/Greedy Animated Characters

Pan-Pizza has some bones to pick with those corporate hogs whose entire existence consists of forcing us to buy whatever they throw at us.

Episode 106:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Current Cartoons Vol. 2

Pan-Pizza presents more modern animated shows that are worth a look, including a turtle-based reboot and a trio of bears.

Episode 105:
Pan-Pizza: J Stars Victory VS Cross Over Review

Pan-Pizza sees what happens when a video game featuring some of Japan's most famous anime characters finally makes the jump to America.

Episode 104:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Best (Or Least Worst) Cartoon & Anime Perverts

Pan-Pizza remembers some of the sleaziest animated characters, who quite frankly deserve a slap in the face.

Episode 103:
Pan-Pizza: Super Duper Sumos (Worst Cartoon Ever)

As if anyone remembers the SLAM block on Nickelodeon or Super Duper Sumos produced by DIC entertainment.

Episode 102:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Animated Pilots

Pan-Pizza presents some more animated shows that didn't make it past the pilot stage.

Episode 101:
Pan-Pizza: Captain Planet Episode Review

Captain Planet. He's a hero...against over-population, apparently. And Pan-Pizza is mystified.

Episode 100:
Pan-Pizza: Osmosis Jones Review

Remember that little-seen Warner Brothers movie about the human body? Yeah, Pan-Pizza is going to talk about it.

Episode 99:
Pan-Pizza: Did You Know Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

Did you know Fun Facts something of Aqua Something You Know Whatever or what they're calling it now.

Episode 98:
Pan-Pizza: Swat Kats Review

Pan-Pizza takes a Patreon requet to look at one of the very first Cartoon Network shows, an action show...starring cats.

Episode 97:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Current Cartoons (That I Haven't Already Reviewed)

Pan-Pizza, the master on what's up-to-date in today's animation, drops some favourites of what's on the air right now.

Episode 96:
Pan-Pizza: Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase Review

Pan-Pizza comments on one of the millions of Scooby-Doo movies, this one with an early 2000s Internet twist.

Episode 95:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Unfinished Lost Cartoons

Pan-Pizza looks at the cartoons that were never released or completely changed directions midway through production.

Episode 94:
Pan-Pizza: Fastest TV Cancellation Ever?

Clerks Animated? Firefly? Here is the real shortest TV show ever: Channel 9 Network's Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos

Episode 93:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Animated Goth Girls

Pan-Pizza counts down his favourite animated female characters who lean towards the darkness.

Episode 92:
Pan-Pizza: Jackie Chan Adventures Review

Pan-Pizza talks about his favorite Kids WB cartoon: Jackie Chan Adventures, which is an example of how to do a celebrity cartoon.

Episode 91:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst 2Edgy Hit Extreme Cartoons

Pan-Pizza presents a Top 10 of cartoons that tried way too hard to be edgy and in your face.

Episode 90:
Pan-Pizza: Game Boy Advance Video Review

Not a review of the Gameboy Advance, but GBA Video. Remember the stupid thing that let you watch cartoons on Gameboy?

Episode 89:
Pan-Pizza: Did You Know The Incredibles?

Pan-Pizza presents some Easter Eggs and Obscure Fun Facts from Pixar and Brad Bird's Academy Award-winning movie The Incredibles.

Episode 88:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Failed Pilots - Lost Zelda CGI Movie Footage

Pan-Pizza shows off some more pilots that never became full-fledged projects, including Imagi's Legend of Zelda movie.

Episode 87:
Pan-Pizza: Did You Know Regular Show?

Pan-Pizza presents some trivia tidbits you may or may not have known about the creation of JG Quintel's Regular Show.

Episode 86:
Pan-Pizza: Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Game Review

Pan-Pizza returns to the Land of Ooo with the latest Adventure Time game to test your princess-saving skills.

Episode 85:
Pan-Pizza: Over the Garden Wall Review

Pan-Pizza reviews the 10 part Cartoon Network Mini Series: Over the Garden Wall or Tome of the Unknown

Episode 84:
Pan-Pizza: Dragonball Evolution Drunk Angry Review

Is there a worse adaption to DragonBall than its live action adaptation? Pan-Pizza goes indepth on the subject.

Episode 83:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Cartoon/Anime Intro Theme Songs

Everyone does Top 10 Cartoon Intros of the 90s or whatever. Now how about Top 10 worst cartoon intros in general. Everything to what 4kids does to censor its anime to Naruto German dubs.

Episode 82:
Pan-Pizza: Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy are Dead?

It's the Ed Edd 'n' Eddy Pergatory / Coma theory. Are they dead or is a stupid theory or whatever creepy pasta.

Episode 81:
Pan-Pizza: Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Review

Pan-Pizza sees how one of his biggest Internet inspirations handles the task of making a feature film based on his long-running character.

Episode 80:
Pan-Pizza: Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 2 Review

Pan-Pizza returns to the pro-skating video game universe with his review of another entry in the popular Tony Hawk series.

Episode 79:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Animated Bands/Musicians

Looking at one of the major ways music and animation are so close, Pan-Pizza names the top 10 bands and musicians to come out of the drawing pad.

Episode 78:
Pan-Pizza: An Interview with John R. Dilworth (Courage the Cowardly Dog Creator)

Pan-Pizza sits down with John R. Dilworth, the creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog to discuss his work and the fun of creating a horror animated series for Cartoon Network.

Episode 77:
Pan-Pizza: Midnight Society - Top 5 Creepy Disturbing Cartoons Vol. 2

It's time to return to that dark and scary place in cartoonland for more creepy scenes of animation.

Episode 76:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Redesigns in Animation

Pan-Pizza sees the result of animated shows changing their aesthetics for the worst.

Episode 75:
Pan-Pizza: When are You Too Old to be Watching Cartoons?

Pan-Pizza ponders whether cartoons have an age limit. The answer, not really.

Episode 74:
Pan-Pizza: Top 5 Failed Animated Pilots and Shorts

Pan-Pizza takes a look at more cartoon pilots that never become full-fledged series, including a potential new Courage the Cowardly Dog show.

Episode 73:
Pan-Pizza: Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy Review (Part 2)

Pan-Pizza concludes his thoughts on this long-running Cartoon Network series and its great mysteries.

Episode 72:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Lovable Jerks

Pan-Pizza counts down the heroes whose jerky behaviour actually makes them strangely worth rooting for.

Episode 71:
Pan-Pizza: Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy Review (Part 1)

Pan-Pizza looks back at Danny Antonucci's Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy and the crazy misadventures he put those boys through.

Episode 70:
Pan-Pizza: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 Review Retrospect

Pan-Pizza begins his retrospective of the popular pro-skate boarding series with the first revolutionary game and its Nintendo 64 export.

Episode 69:
Pan-Pizza: Midnight Society - Top 10 Disturbing Invader Zim Episodes

Pan-Pizza counts down the most messed-up, crazy episodes of Invader Zim, which makes it all the more surprising that Nickelodeon agreed to produce it.

Episode 68:
Pan-Pizza: Powerpuff Girls Dance Pants Special

Pan-Pizza sees how the recent Powerpuff Girls special, with its new-fangled animation and redesigns holds up.

Episode 67:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Ugliest Cartoons

Pan-Pizza presents another countdown of a rather unattractive variety by counting the most ugly cartoons to hit the airwaves.

Episode 66:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Movies and TV Shows for Gamers

Pan-Pizza counts down not movies and television shows based on video games, but rather those ABOUT video games. Get your joysticks ready.

Episode 65:
Pan-Pizza: Adventure Time Game Review

Pan-Pizza jumps head first into the Ice King's fortress as he reviews the new Adventure Time video game.

Episode 64:
Pan-Pizza: Regular Show Game Review (3DS)

Pan-Pizza delves into Regular Show's homage to retro games by reviewing their Nintendo 3DS video game.

Episode 63:
Pan-Pizza: Midnight Society - 4 Creepy Disturbing Cartoons Vol. 1

Pan-Pizza begins his compilation of the most disturbing images we've seen in our daily animated viewings.

Episode 62:
Pan-Pizza: Maxwell Atoms (Billy and Mandy Creator) Interview - Part 2

Pan-Pizza continues his interview with Billy and Mandy creator Maxwell Atoms, along with some more inquiries into his new Kickstarter project.

Episode 61:
Pan-Pizza: Maxwell Atoms (Billy and Mandy Creator) Interview

Pan-Pizza (and his new look) gets the chance to interview Billy and Mandy creator Maxwell Atoms and ask him some questions about his cult Cartoon Network show.

Episode 60:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Failed Animated Pilots

In the world of animated television, there are many pilots that go nowhere and Pan-Pizza counts some down for you.

Episode 59:
Pan-Pizza: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Review

Pan-Pizza delves into anime territory again with his review of the lengthy-titled Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Episode 58:
Pan-Pizza: San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Teen Titans Go & Steven Universe

Pan-Pizza presents more Comic-Con coverage, including a couple of panels for our favourite Teen Titans and Rebecca Sugar's upcoming show.

Episode 57:
Pan-Pizza: San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - Regular Show & Adventure Time

Pan-Pizza takes us to the San Diego Comic-Con, starting with this year's Cartoon Network panels for their two biggest shows.

Episode 56:
Pan-Pizza: Minority Report Game Review

Pan-Pizza gives his review of the video game adaptation of Steven Spielberg's blockbuster hit Minority Report.

Episode 55:
Pan-Pizza: Code Lyoko Review

Pan-Pizza looks at the French kinda-anime/kinda-CG animated series Code Lyoko.

Episode 54:
Pan-Pizza: Top 6 Cartoon Network Pilots

Cartoon Network released pilots for both picked-up shows and one-offs this week and Pan-Pizza ranks all of them.

Episode 53:
Pan-Pizza: Crazy Taxi + Simpsons Road Rage Review

Pan-Pizza looks into the popular Crazy Taxi franchise, specifically the console version.

Episode 52:
Pan-Pizza: Teen Titans Review

Pan-Pizza once again delves into his beloved DC Animated Series Teen Titans.

Episode 51:
Pan-Pizza: Panty and Stocking Review

Pan-Pizza looks at the very adult and NSFW anime series Panty and Stocking, in all of its raunchy and sex-filled glory.

Episode 50:
Pan-Pizza: Midnight Society - What is Aqua Teen Boston?

Pan-Pizza examines quite possibly the most infamous Cartoon Network event in history, when a couple of Lite Brites scared the city of Boston.

Episode 49:
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Moments

In celebrating its 20th anniversary, Pan-Pizza also counts down the worst decisions made by the folks at Cartoon Network.

Episode 48:
Pan-Pizza: Adventure Time Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage Review

Pan-Pizza gives his thoughts on the new Adventure Time video game for the Nintendo 3DS.

Episode 47:
Pan-Pizza: Megas XLR Review

Pan-Pizza looks at another original Cartoon Network show with the action comedy animated series Megas XLR.

Episode 46:
Pan-Pizza: The Powerpuff Girls Review

Pan-Pizza delves into this tribute to Craig McCracken's beloved action superhero show - starring three memorable little girls.

Episode 45:
Pan-Pizza: Jet Set Radio Review

Pan-Pizza gets his graffiti on with his review of the Sega DreamCast video game Jet Set Radio.

Episode 44:
Pan-Pizza: Super Smash Bros Melee Review

Pan-Pizza goes back to the Nintendo GameCube with this review of the popular fighting game Super Smash Bros Melee.

Episode 43:
Pan-Pizza: What is Dexter's Rude Removal?

After watching a whole bunch of creepy pasta videos and internet urban myths, Pan-Pizza presents a new series entitled Midnight Society, where he investigates lost films and other "Spooktacular" things.

Episode 42:
Pan-Pizza: San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Recap (Days 3 & 4)

Pan-Pizza recounts his visit to the Adventure Time and Genndy Tartakovsky panels at Comic-Con and his encounter with a certain Pony voice-actress.

Episode 41:
Pan-Pizza: San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Recap (Days 1 & 2)

Pan-Pizza recaps his trip at the San Diego Comic-Con, starting with the Adventure Time Museum and the Regular Show and Annoying Orange panels.

Episode 40:
Moments In Review: Lollipop Chainsaw Review (Twilight Sparkle's Bad Furr Day)

It's time for Pan-Pizza to play Twilight Sparkle Says Naughty Things: The Video Game.

Episode 39:
Moments In Review: SkullGirls Review (PlayStation 3Network, X-Box 360 Live)

Finally Pan-Pizza gets around to reviewing the game SkullGirls in possibly his most vulgar review so far.

Episode 38:
Moments In Review: Toonami Review Retrospect (Part 2)

Pan-Pizza continues his retrospect on Cartoon Network's anime block and celebrates its return to the airwaves.

Episode 37:
Moments In Review: Adventure Time Review - Kaboom Comics (Issues 1-3)

Pan-Pizza celebrates Free Comic Book Day by looking at the odd and weird world of Adventure Time comic books.

Episode 36:
Moments In Review: Toonami Review Retrospect (Part 1)

The gods came to Pan-Pizza in a dream and told him to do a Retrospect of Toonami on this very day. Not really but that's pretty wild he made this video on this very day.

Episode 35:
Moments In Review: Red Steel (Wii) Review

Now that Wii is ending its life cycle, Pan-Pizza feels it's time to look back on a game that tried to hype up the Wii as something that it was incapable of.

Episode 34:
Moments In Review: Young Justice Review - Welcome to Happy Harbour

Pan-Pizza looks at the popular Cartoon Network show about young DC superheroes - and no, it's not Teen Titans.

Episode 33:
Moments In Review: Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL Review

Pan-Pizza provides his review of the Best Cartoon Network Game ever.

Episode 32:
Moments In Review: Adventure Time Review - Fionna and Cake

The more Pan-Pizza watched this gender bent episode of Adventure Time, the more he realizes how screwed up this was.

Episode 31:
Moments In Review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Review

Pan-Pizza gives his positive take on the massive cult series that has turned grown men into Pony-loving Bronies.

Episode 30:
Moments In Review: The Top 10 Disappointing Games (Part 2)

Pan-Pizza returns with the rest of his top 10 list of the most disappointing video game experiences.

Episode 29:
Moments In Review: The Top 10 Disappointing Games (Part 1)

Pan-Pizza presents his first top 10 list by counting down his most disappointing video game experiences.

Episode 28:
Moments In Review: Ned's Declassifed School Survival Guide - Rumors

Pan-Pizza looks at an episode from the modern-day Nickelodeon sitcom about a kid named Ned and his school survival guide.

Episode 27:
Moments In Review: Star Fox Assault (GameCube)

Pan-Pizza provides his third video game review, this time of the lie that was Star Fox Assault for the Nintendo GameCube.

Episode 26:
Moments In Review: Pan-Pizza's Comic-Con Cartoon Network Coverage

Pan-Pizza is back from Comic-Con after a long trip and major jet lag. Watch him report back on the stuff based around Cartoon Network shows Regular Show and Adventure Time.

Episode 25:
Moments In Review: Almost Naked Animals

After many requests, Pan-Pizza reviews the Canadian import Almost Naked Animals and then discusses his plans for the upcoming Comic-Con.

Episode 24:
Moments In Review: Rave Master - The Rave Master: Part 1

Pan-Pizza gives his first Anime Review by looking at the pilot episode for Rave Master.

Episode 23:
Moments In Review: Teen Titans - A Date With Destiny

Pan-Pizza is back with another Teen Titans review. This time with the insane prom episode while celebrating his own Tumblr Prom.

Episode 22:
Moments In Review: HiHi Puffy AmiYumi - In the Cards

Pan-Pizza takes a look at what he considers the sister show of Teen Titans, based on its theme song performers: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Episode 21:
Moments In Review: GoldenEye Rogue Agent

Pan-Pizza chooses the wrong GoldenEye game by mistake and so ends up playing the un-official PlayStation sequel instead.

Episode 20:
Moments In Review: The Smurfs Movie Must Be Destroyed

Pan-Pizza follows up his infamous rant on Yogi Bear with his take on the latest live-action cartoon adaptation of The Smurfs.

Episode 19:
Moments In Review: Rugrats Search for Reptar (PlayStation)

What better way to test out his HD Capture Device than review one of the ugliest looking PlayStation Games Pan-Pizza can find?

Episode 18:
Moments In Review: Malibu Street Fighter #1

Pan-Pizza gives his first comic book review by looking at the first issue based on the popular street fighting video game.

Episode 17:
Moments In Review: The Ninja Squad

Pan-Pizza provides a quick review on one of the low-budget films of schlocky ninja-obsessed director Godfrey Ho.

Episode 16:
Moments In Review: Teen Titans Trading Card Game

Pan-Pizza digs into the bargain bin of the local comic book store and finds a Teen Titans trading card game. So, why not review them?

Episode 15:
Moments In Review: Ultraman - Ultra Operation #1

Pan-Pizza finds out how much unintentional humor he can buy for five dollars as he takes a look at the first episode of the Japanese television series Ultraman.

Episode 14:
Moments In Review: Star Wars Clone Wars

Pan-Pizza provides his positive thoughts on Genndy Tartakovsky's 2003 animated series of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Episode 13:
Moments In Review: Teen Titans - Only Human

Pan-Pizza introduces his new series look by talking about the time the Teen Titans faced their 2nd Nerdiest Villain.

Episode 12:
Moments In Review: Sonic Underground - Three Hedgehogs and a Baby

Pan-Pizza finally talks about the much hated Sonic Underground series, looking specifically at the episode where Manic adopts a robot baby as his own.

Episode 11:
Moments In Review: Hey Arnold - Arnold's Christmas

Pan-Pizza talks about his favourite Nickelodeon Christmas special from the hit show Hey Arnold.

Episode 10:
Moments In Review: Yogi Bear Must Be Destroyed!

Pan-Pizza celebrates the release of the latest live-action/CGI adaptation of a classic cartoon show by ranting about its very existence.

Episode 9:
Moments In Review: Super Mario Brothers Super Show - Koopa Klaus

Pan-Pizza discusses the Christmas special for his favourite guilty pleasure, The Super Mario Bros Super Show, just in time for the holidays.

Episode 8:
Moments In Review: Teen Titans - Nevermore

Pan-Pizza talks about the episode of Teen Titans that messed him up for life.

Episode 7:
Moments In Review: Super Mario Bros. Super Show - Bats in the Basement

Pan-Pizza looks at a Halloween episode of Super Mario Bros Super Show in this special Moment In Review.

Episode 6:
Moments In Review: Sonic Sez Review #1. Shallow Water

Pan-Pizza muses about how those Sonic Sez PSA's sure did have some wacky messages.

Episode 5:
Moments In Review: Star Wars Flipped Upside Down

Pan-Pizza rants on a moment in Star Wars that has always bothered him. Also a bonus rant on Spider-Man.

Episode 4:
Moments In Review: Intergalactic and Robotic Racial Issues

Pan-Pizza has a talk about the hardships that the robot and alien population went through.

Episode 3:
Moments In Review: Batman Forever More

Pan-Pizza takes a look at the logic of the Batman Sequel subtitles and how they don't make sense.

Episode 2:
Moments In Review: Mail Order Disaster

Pan-Pizza explains that the Teen Titans need to work on their security. One angry letter loaded with mystery powder later and they're all going down.

Episode 1:
Moments In Review: Good or Bad Burger

In a new series, Pan-Pizza muses whether Kenan and Kel did the right thing in the end of Good Burger.