Sonicguru reviews video games from PlayStation all the way to good ol' Nintendo and Sega.

Episode 73:
Sonicguru: Sonic Frontiers - Is it still good after the updates?

Sonic Frontiers got three updates throughout 2023 and they were mixed. Did they add more to the game? What was changed? Was The Final Horizon worth the wait?

Episode 72:
Sonicguru: Was Sonic the Hedgehog 4 That Bad?

Sonicguru takes another look at Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and whether it deserves its current reputation among Sonic fans.

Episode 71:
Sonicguru: Sonic Collections Collection

Sonicguru takes a look at every Sonic the Hedgehog compilation/collection before Origins Plus is added to the Collections Collection.

Episode 70:
Sonicguru: The Worst Moments of Sonic Frontiers

Sonicguru gives us a breakdown of his least favourite aspects of Sonic Frontiers, including annoying levels, mini-games and visuals.

Episode 69:
Sonicguru: The Meta Era Was Worse than Sonic's Dark Era

Sonicguru explains why Sonic's so-called "DARK era" was a more interesting and experimental than the nostalgia-driven META era.

Episode 68:
Sonicguru: Five Times Sonic's Stories Have Gone Too Dark

Sonicguru remembers some times when Sega went a little overboard with their Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Episode 67:
Sonicguru: Getting Every S Rank in Sonic Origins

The mission mode of Sonic Origins has ranks. Guess what Sonicguru did for the majority of his playtime.

Episode 66:
Sonicguru: Why I like Sonic Forces more than Sonic Colours

Sonicguru gives another opinion piece on why he likes one of the more devisive Sonic games over the one most praised in recent years.

Episode 65:
Sonicguru: Getting Every A Rank in Sonic Adventure 2

Sonicguru continues the saga of getting all A and S ranks with the game that started it, Sonic Adventure 2.

Episode 64:
Sonicguru: Is Sonic Mania Too Good?

Sonicguru wonders if Sonic Mania has reached a new height that makes it boring upon reflection.

Episode 63:
Sonicguru: Bad Classic Sonic Games

Sonicguru tries to find the worst of the worst when it comes to the classic era of Sonic.

Episode 62:
Sonicguru: Your Opinion Is (Not) Wrong!

Sonicguru has something to say about being told he is wrong about a Sonic the Hedgehog game he likes or hates.

Episode 61:
Sonicguru: Getting Every S Rank in Sonic Generations

Sonicguru tries to do the impossible, going back through every mainline Sonic game and attempting to get all A/S ranks. Starting off easy with Sonic Generations, this challenge is only going to get harder.

Episode 60:
Sonicguru: Crash Bandicoot Game Review

Sonicguru goes back to where Crash began and how he started a N.Sane legacy.

Episode 59:
Sonicguru: Angry Video Game Nerd Deluxe Game Review

The AVGN is taking us back to the the past, to play some games that kick our a$$!

Episode 58:
Sonicguru: The Smurfs 2 Game Review

How does a follow up to The Smurfs hold up? At least it's not a dancing game.

Episode 57:
Sonicguru: Hotel Transylvania Game Review

Sonicguru fulfills another game request from Sony Animation and just in time for the month of scares.

Episode 56:
Sonicguru: Super Mario 3D All Stars Review

How does three of Super Mario's 3D adventures hold up on the Nintendo Switch?

Episode 55:
Sonicguru: Smurfs Dance Party Review

It's time for another Sony Animation Patreon request as Sonicguru now has to dance with the Smurfs.

Episode 54:
Sonicguru: Shadow the Hedgehog Review

Sonicguru takes a look at the black sheep, or hedgehog in this case, of the Sonic franchise, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Episode 53:
Sonicguru: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Review

The Patreon requests keep on coming as Sonicguru reviews another Sony Animation game, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

Episode 52:
Sonicguru: Surf's Up Review

Sonicguru takes another Patreon request for a Sony Animation game, this time for Surf's Up.

Episode 51:
Sonicguru: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis Review

Sonicguru explores what can be worse than a bad port of a good game, as he reviews the Game Boy Advance version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Episode 50:
Sonicguru: Open Season Game Review

Another Patreon request, this time with Sonicguru reviewing one of Sony Animation's adaptations, Open Season.

Episode 49:
Sonicguru: Despicable Me The Game Review

How does a game based on a movie Sonicguru has not seen hold up as a movie based game?

Episode 48:
Sonicguru: Team Sonic Racing Review

Sonicguru plays Team Sonic Racing and sees whether the latest Sega/Sumo Digital racing game holds up.

Episode 47:
Sonicguru: Sonic Forces Review

Two Sonics, your own custom character and a wave of praise and backlash. What does Sonicguru think of this long awaited game?

Episode 46:
Sonicguru: Sonic Lost World (Wii U & 3DS) Review

Is Sonic Lost World a good follow up to the universally successful Sonic Generations or a misstep in Sonic resurgence as a global gaming icon?

Episode 45:
Sonicguru: Top Seven Worst Things Sonic and Sega Have Done

Sega and Sonic Team have done some stupid things over the years, but here's what Sonicguru thinks are the worst.

Episode 44:
Sonicguru: Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit) Review

What was your first game? This 8-bit version of a classic is Sonicguru's and it's still fun.

Episode 43:
Sonicguru: Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Review

Is Spyro's fourth adventure a broken unfinished mess, an ambitious project cut short or a quick cash grab based on nostalgia?

Episode 42:
Sonicguru: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Review

It's time to review Crash's fourth adventure first multi-platform game. Does it hold up? Has it aged? Did nostalgia blind him?

Episode 41:
Sonicguru: Sonic the Fighters

Is this obscure Sonic fighting game that bad? Or is the prejudice that strong against it? If so, why does Sonicguru still play it?

Episode 40:
Sonicguru: Top 7 Games I Underestimated

Ever play a game you underestimated, only to later consider it great? Here's a list of games Sonicguru underestimated.

Episode 39:
Sonicguru: Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonicguru takes a look back at a game that's been panned by critics and fans for its unpredicted direction.

Episode 38:
Sonicguru: DLC Quest

What if DLC goes too far? What if we have to pay for basic game mechanics? Can't be any worse than Always-Online DRM, right?

Episode 37:
Sonicguru: Top 7 Worst Special Stages

So many Special Stages in so many Sonic games. They can't all be good? Right?

Episode 36:
Sonicguru: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Time for Sonicguru to review the sequel to his all time favorite PS1 game Crash Bandicoot 2: Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Episode 35:
Sonicguru: Rocket Knight

Does a sequel to a cult Mega Drive classic make up for the 15 year gap?

Episode 34:
Sonicguru: Sailor Moon

A special episode for a special someone, Sonicguru takes a look at some Sailor Moon games.

Special Episode:
Sonicguru: Universal Studios Theme Park Adventures

For this special occasion, what is considered the worst Gamecube game of all time finally gets its due. We ask is it more fun to visit a theme park or play one? Guess which is the better answer.

Episode 33:
Sonicguru: BioShock 2

Sonicguru explains why being the worst of the BioShock series is not as bad as it sounds.

Episode 32:
Sonicguru: Dust: An Elysian Tail

Journey across the land of Falana as Sonicguru reviews the indie game Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Episode 31:
Sonicguru: Doctor Who: Return to Earth

A game based on Doctor Who can't be that bad, right? Sonicguru takes a look at something far worse than some of the worst episodes of the show.

Episode 30:
Sonicguru: Gunstar Future Heroes

Sonicguru reviews an often overlooked sequel to a Mega Drive/Genesis classic.

Episode 29:
Sonicguru: Top 10 Worst Sonic Boss Battles

You've seen the best, now what about the worst? Sonicguru lists his Top 10.

Episode 28:
Sonicguru: Top 10 Sonic Boss Battles

What are the most memorable and epic boss battles from the past 20+ years of Sonic games? Sonicguru has a list for you.

Episode 27:
Sonicguru: Discovery

Another Minecraft clone based upon building blocks, Sonicguru stacks up his thoughts on the indie game Discovery.

Episode 26:
Sonicguru: Ib

A nine year-old girl trapped within a surreal gallery where art comes to life. Sonicguru takes a look at the freeware game, Ib.

Episode 25:
Sonicguru: Top 5 Best and Worst of Sonic Generations

After a year, does Sonic Generations still hold up? Sonicguru takes a look as he lists the best and worst of Sonic's 20th Anniversary game.

Episode 24:
Sonicguru: Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth

Halloween is upon us and it's time revel in classic horror as Sonicguru reviews Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth.

Episode 23:
Sonicguru: Blade Kitten

It's all fun and games when adapting a webcomic into a video game. Who is Kit Ballard? Her tale is one of liberation. Her tail is pink. Sonicguru takes a stab at Blade Kitten.

Episode 22:
Sonicguru: Sonic 4: Episode 2

After months of waiting, will the second episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 be better or worse than its predecessor? Sonicguru finds out as he reviews Sonic 4: Episode 2.

Episode 21:
Sonicguru: Kingdom Hearts

In the style of the Zero Punctuation, Sonicguru corrects his mistake and reviews the well known JRPG, Kingdom Hearts.

Episode 20:
Sonicguru: Bulletstorm

Time to kick, slide and shoot as Sonicguru reviews one of the most unique FPS game of 2011.

Episode 19:
Sonicguru: Sonic Heroes

After the release of Sonic Generations, Sonicguru looks back at his favorite 3D Sonic game: Sonic Heroes.

Episode 18:
Sonicguru: Michael Jackson The Experience

Jamone! Sonicguru moonwalks into The King of Pop's dancing game Michael Jackson: The Experience on Nintendo Wii.

Episode 17:
Sonicguru: Bit Boy!!

Sonicguru attempts the tried and tested formula of negative reviewing on a poorly executed game called Bit Boy!!

Episode 16:
Sonicguru: MadWorld

What's black & white and red all over? In his newest review, Sonicguru takes a look at the Sega game MadWorld!

Episode 15:
Sonicguru: Donkey Konga

Time for another over-looked GameCube game. Bang in time with the bongos as Sonicguru takes a look at Donkey Konga.

Episode 14:
Sonicguru: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1

Does a game that once officially sucked before it's release, still hold up today? Sonicguru looks at Sonic the Hedghog 4 - Episode 1.

Episode 13:
Sonicguru: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

"No, hardcore titles for the Wii"? Well, get a load of this exclusive fighter from the 'Vs. Capcom' series.

Episode 12:
Sonicguru: Crash Tag Team Racing

Another great Crash Bandicoot game, but one that wasn't developed by Naughty Dog? Sonicguru explains why.

Episode 11:
Sonicguru: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

'One step forward and two steps back' as Sonicguru reviews a retro game for once. Wearing a hat.

Episode 10:
Sonicguru: Sonic Riders & Riders: Zero Gravity

Sonic + Mario Kart + Back To The Future Part II = Another Sonic spin-off series. Time for Sonicguru to review another under appreciated game and its sequel.

Comedy Short #5:
Sonicguru: Spoilt for Choice

In another comedy short, Sonicguru decides to put down the video game controller and find something to read...

Comedy Short #4:
Sonicguru: Sonicguru Shorts Vol. 1

Sonicguru presents a series of comedy shorts produced in 2008 by him and VGRetro.

Comedy Short #3:
Sonicguru: Life's a Musical

Sonicguru finds out what life would be like, if it was just like a musical in this comedy short.

Episode 9:
Sonicguru: Bleach Shattered Blade

Sonicguru reviews an anime licensed game that is... good? Here is his take on Bleach: Shattered Blade.

Comedy Short #2:
Sonicguru: Sonicguru and VGRetro Do Monty Python

And now for something completely different, Sonicguru and VGRetro perform a classic Monty Python sketch.

Comedy Short #1:
Sonicguru: Ending the Universe

In his first comedy short, Sonicguru tests out his copy of No More Heroes in a unique manner.

Episode 8:
Sonicguru: Halloween Special

It's time to celebrate Halloween with some horror games; House of the Dead: Overkill, Dead Space: Extraction and OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.

Episode 7:
Sonicguru: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Sonicguru reviews one of the most imported and popular games for the Nintendo DS.

Episode 6:
Sonicguru: 4 Games in 1 Review

Sonicguru reviews 4 games he recently played: Wet, Mega Man 10, Darksiders and Sonic & the Black Knight.

Episode 5:
Sonicguru: Puyo Pop Fever

It's one puzzle after another as Sonicguru reviews another under-rated game.

Episode 4:
Sonicguru: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Sonicguru reviews a forgotten classic in the GameCube library, ironically made by Sega.

Episode 3:
Sonicguru: Devil May Cry

Sonicguru reviews one of the greatest games that started its own genre.

Episode 2:
Sonicguru: Top 5 3D Sonic Games

Sonicguru explains why out of all the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games, which are the ones worth playing?

Episode 1:
Sonicguru: Link's Crossbow Training

In the first episode of a new series from the co-creator of VG Bros, Sonicguru reviews the Nintendo Wii game Link's Crossbow Training.