Episode 16:
Roushutsu's Top 10 Lists: Top 10 Sonic Gals

Dani counts down her favourite female characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

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Name: Sean Kelly
Date And Time: 2012-12-19 17:06:46
Comment: I don't like how SEGA's treating Amy, either.

Name: Fennecus
Date And Time: 2012-03-24 22:01:24
Comment: Ahem, Shadouge (Shadow/Rouge couple) supporters are not dumb. That isn't very nice to say, and you should be very ashamed for saying stuff like that. Different people have different opinions and perspectives even though some are different then others, and you need to respect or accept them, no matter. Sure, there are opinions that I don't like, but at least I either: 1. Ignore them or 2. Have a logical explanation on why I don't like said opinion. Sure, ranting may not be the most nice or pleasant thing to do, but giving a "too long, didn't read" essay would make one smarter and more understood, and would be much more valuable instead of acting like an immature baby by whining "I H8TE EET CUZ IT IZ SCARY! WAAHH! WAAHH! WAAHH!" If you know what I mean. If we're talking about Sonic females as this top ten list suggests, my favorite is Blaze all the way. With either Shade or Marine coming in at a close second.

Name: kate
Date And Time: 2011-09-05 23:49:41
Comment: hay! who is your faveret top 10 sonic guys list ps if u want to know mine ,mine is sonic is number 3 BUT MANIC HIS IS #1

Name: Loc$opolis
Date And Time: 2011-07-14 22:59:00
Comment: Any shadouge fan is a complete dumbass and its said cuz y'all r so fuckin dumb!!!

Name: Opal
Date And Time: 2011-05-06 23:18:29
Comment: Well, it might just be in Black Knight that Sonic was expecting one of his friends after seeing Tails, Shadow, Amy, and Knuckles and that's why he didn't react to her. But anyway, good review!

Name: Fennecus
Date And Time: 2010-12-20 03:04:43
Comment: There is absolutely no way that Knuckles and Rouge will ever be a couple. Well, several reasons why: 1. Knuckles sees Rouge as a rival, people. Nothing more then that. You know what that means, he sees her the same way as Sonic sees Shadow and Tails sees Eggman. 2. Knuckles did not team up with Rouge in Sonic Rivals 2 because he loved her, it's because he wanted his darn Master Emerald back. 3. The whole "crush on Knuckles" thing is just Rouge being flirty. She would do that to *any* male in the Sonic series (even Tails I'm afraid). 4. SEGA and the official "canon" Sonic story (Whether if it's the games or even the comics) are leaning towards Shadouge (Shadow/Rouge) being the 'real' couple of the series. 5. Knuckles already has a girlfriend (Hint: it's an echidna. Knuckles is paired with Julie-Su in the comics and Shade in the games (Sonic Chronicles, at least)). 6. Shadow the Hedgehog is straight, and despite popular belief of him being the loner of the Sonic cast, he has the highest chance of accepting Rouge's flirting and returning her feelings. 7. Shadow is not your boyfriend despite how many crazy fangirls think. He belongs with Rouge. End of debate. I may be sorry for being a bit off-topic, but I had to point that out.

Name: Keshia
Date And Time: 2010-10-14 21:51:23
Comment: Nice lists! 10.) I see Merlina as an anti-hero, 9.) Rosey the Rascal is the Harley Quinn of the Sonic comics, 8.) Cream is so adorable^^, 7.) I never heard of Dulcey, but she seems cool, 6.) Cosmo's alright but her relationship with Tails doesn't float in my boat, 5.) Blaze really kicks butt!, 4.) Amy's not my favorite, 3.) The only proublem that I had with Sally are those horny-fanboys of hers (what a bunch of pervs >:( ), 2.) Bunnie is my favorite Sonic gal :D, and 1.) Again with Rouge, I also have a problem with those horny fanboys (they always draw her with big Jessica-Rabbit breasts).

Name: coolclaytony
Date And Time: 2010-08-25 18:35:45
Comment: acctualy i think creams mother (from sonic x) is older than rouge but since shes only seen in about 3 episodes she dosent really matter all that much.

Name: REALmikegordan
Date And Time: 2010-04-05 00:15:28
Comment: At least this isn't your top 10 hottest Sonic gals list (nothing against homosexuality, which I am sure you are not). Yeah, I saw that commentary to that guy's top 10 list and how you flipped out (and rightfully so; even Jesus had got angry at one point) after he listed Cosmo on that particular list. Beyond that...well, I am not well familiar with your bottom five (I know a little about Cream and Dulcy), but I am definitely familiar with your top 5 and I got to say that it's pretty good; no gripes about it.

Name: Erin
Date And Time: 2010-03-29 16:39:53
Comment: I love Rouge's clothes! SO COOL AND PRETTY! I also think Rouge is the prettiest of the sonic girls.

Name: Siarra
Date And Time: 2010-02-13 02:12:09
Comment: Sorry. I think Cosmo and tails(tailsmo), sonic and amy(sonamy) silver and blaze(silvaze) and knuckles and rouge(knuxrouge) make adorable couples. Just wanted 2 get that out and forgot 2 do it earlier. And I also don't like that Sega's making Amy a stalker and no help, and I want sliver, blaze and rouge 2 be in more games.

Name: Siarra
Date And Time: 2010-02-13 02:08:21
Comment: Good list. I love Rouge 2 the core. I'm also fans of Amy, Cosmo, and Blaze. Also I looked on Wikipedia 2 know more about Blaze(besides her age. She's 14 btw. Most of the cast are) and I found she's atcually a princess from the dimension where she and silver came from. U can look it up if I got it wrong by accident.

Name: kamen
Date And Time: 2009-12-05 11:08:59
Comment: can you do your top 10 sonic enemys and robots

Name: gabe
Date And Time: 2009-10-14 22:00:25
Comment: hey me again if they ever make another sonic seris with sally i know who could voice her does the name mae whitman ring a bell what do you think write me back and tell me

Name: gabe snyder
Date And Time: 2009-10-06 20:56:57
Comment: it's like on phineas and ferb with creame and cosmo they would say are'nt you a little young for this and i think quote yes yes they are

Name: SilverZeo
Date And Time: 2009-09-07 13:28:08
Comment: There is also some issues on YouTube that you can look up. The poster is at issue 70 so far today.

Name: SilverZeo
Date And Time: 2009-09-07 09:04:45
Comment: What about Julie-Su? The fight between her and Rouge in the comics was amazing. And still, I notice how no one in the franchise seem to have Shadow and Amy talk after their meeting. It was pivotal turn in SA2, but now they pretend it didn't happen.

Name: Ardith
Date And Time: 2009-09-05 15:30:31
Comment: Nice list. There is a sonic comic torrent on sumotorrent.com,(which is what I have) but it is huge. It does have nearly everything except for the more recent stuff. It's around 4 gigs, so you can decide. I'm sure there are other ones out there. I hope this helps.

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