The comic mis-advenutes of Mike and Dan, two video game-obsessed nerds from the United Kingdom.

Season 2:

Episode 4:
VG Bros: The Last Game

Dan unexpectedly comes back from the US to play games with the guys. So nothing much has changed.

Episode 3:
VG Bros: Odd-Bye

Secrets will be told and must leave. The VG Bros will never be the same.

Episode 2:
VG Bros: Samurai Dough-Down

When one remains, one must take a fall. A VG Bros mini sketch starring Mike, Daniel and Junior.

Episode 1:
VG Bros: Taste Testing

The second season of VG Bros finally arrives as Mike, Dan and Niki get into one comedic antic after another.

Season 1:

Episode 8:
VG Bros: Mike's New Toy

Mike buys a NES Zapper to play Duck Hunt and other Nintendo games, but Dan still doesn't care.

Episode 7:
VG Bros: Scream of a Salesman Part 2

In the exciting conclusion of the VG Bros Halloween Special, Mike and Dan continue to hide from a certain other-worldly visitor.

Episode 6:
VG Bros: Scream of a Salesman Part 1

In the first part of the VG Bros Halloween Special, Mike and Dan get an unwelcomed visitor, while seeking refuge at Niki's house.

Episode 5:
VG Bros: Coke

After a day at town, Dan plans his night with MGS and Coca-Cola while Mike has other issues with him.

Episode 4:
VG Bros: Enter Niki 17

Dan visits Niki alone to discover a disturbing secret about the Sonic games he bought.

Episode 3:
VG Bros: Sonic Boom!

After waking from a nightmare, Mike enters another one about Dan's Sonic the Hedgehog game obsession.

Episode 2:
VG Bros: When Consoles Collide

After getting a load of SNES games, Mike declares that the SNES is better than the SEGA Mega Drive. Dan thinks differently.

Episode 1:
VG Bros: The NES

In the first episode of VG Bros, Mike buys an Nintendo Entertainment System and Dan doesn't care.