Doing exactly as his name suggests: reviewing classic retro video games from classic consoles of yester-year.

Special Episode:
The War of the Worlds: The Eve of the War

Here's something a little different, folks; an audiobook of The War of the Worlds read by Michael D. "VG Retro" Kimpton.

Episode 20:
VG Retro: Castlevania

It has arrived; the long-awaited Halloween VGRetro episode. Watch as he does battle with Count Dracula in this iconic video game series.

Special Episode:
VG Retro: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

VGRetro takes a look at a Super Nintendo overlooked classic that outdid the movie it came from.

Episode 18:
VG Retro: Kid Chameleon

VGRetro reviews the classic best-seller Kid Chameleon for the Sega Mega Drive.

Episode 17:
VG Retro: Super Star Wars

VGRetro's big return sees him reviewing Super Star Wars for the SNES.

Special Episode:
Ask That Guy With The Games: Episode 3

The third installment in VG Retro's Ask That Guy with the Games spin-off series, in which he continues to answer more questions.

Special Episode:
Ask That Guy With The Games: Episode 2

Another question-and-answer session with That Guy with the Games, as he inquires about what odd things you want to know.

Special Episode:
Ask That Guy With The Games: Episode 1

Watch VG Retro's entry for the "Ask That Guy with the Glasses" contest from two years ago.

Episode 16:
VG Retro: Ristar

For his Christmas review, VG Retro decides to take a look at a non-holiday related game Ristar for the Sega Mega Drive.

Episode 15:
VG Retro: The Lion King

VG Retro takes this time to look back at a game from his past, based on the animated Disney blockbuster.

Episode 14:
VG Retro: Medievel

It's Halloween Time as VG Retro reviews the video game Medievel for the Playstation.

Episode 13:
VG Retro: Darkwing Duck

VG Retro Gets Dangerous in his latest review of the Disney-Capcom collaboration Darkwing Duck for the NES.

Episode 12:
VG Retro: The Smurfs

Can the Smurfs game do what the Tintin game couldn't? VG Retro plays it to find out.

Episode 11:
VG Retro: The Adventures of Tintin

Tintin... A great comic book series, but a very, VERY bad game! VG Retro looks into it.

Episode 10:
VG Retro: Asterix the Gaul

From Comic to game, how does the famous Gaul hold out? VG Retro finds out.

Episode 9:
VG Retro: Tom and Jerry The Movie

Such a bad film, but how is the Master System game? VG Retro finds out.

Episode 8:
VG Retro: The NES Zapper

VG Retro decides it's time for a change: Bring on the Zapper!

Episode 7:
VG Retro: Robocod

VG Retro reviews the Christmas classic James Pond: Robocod for the Sega Mega Drive.

Episode 6:
VG Retro: Another World

VG Retro travels to another world to find an odd, but mostly enjoyable game...

Episode 5:
VG Retro: Mickey Mania Comparison

You've seen how good Mickey Mania was on the Mega Drive, now VG Retro checks out the ports!

Episode 4:
VG Retro: Mickey Mania

VG Retro reviews a video game starring Walt Disney's most famous creation: Mickey Mouse.

Episode 3:
VG Retro: James Bond The Duel

VG Retro reviews the game James Bond The Duel for the Sega Mega Drive. This game is pretty bad, but if it's got Bond in it, that must make it okay... Mustn't it?

Episode 2:
VG Retro: Revenge of Shinobi

VG Retro reviews the classic arcade game Revenge of Shinobi.

Episode 1:
VG Retro: Vectorman

In the first episode, VG Retro takes a look at the video game Vectorman for the Sega Mega Drive.

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