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24th of September, 2022
Mr. Coat: A Tribute to Rob Minkoff

Mr. Coat celebrates the incredible accomplishments of Rob Minkoff's career, including a pair of Roger Rabbit shorts, a Disney blockbuster about lions and two films about a mouse in New York.

23rd of September, 2022
Vaulting: Ishtar

Thanks to another Patreon request, Morgan takes a look at what many consider to be "one of the worst movies." But are there some redeeming factors or is this one lost in the desert?

8th of September, 2022
Mr. Coat's Movie Reviews: Pinocchio

Mr. Coat reviews Robert Zemeckis's take on Disney's Pinocchio, as we once again follow the wooden puppet and his conscience Jiminy Cricket as they learn what it means to be a real boy.

31st of August, 2022
Pan-Pizza: How Disney Ruined Clerks Animated

Pan-Pizza looks at the history of Kevin Smith's Clerks animated series and what led to its unusual treatment by ABC in 2000.

6th of August, 2022
Sonicguru: Getting Every S Rank in Sonic Origins

It turns out the mission mode of Sonic Origins has ranks. Guess what Sonicguru did for the majority of his playtime.

13th of January, 2022
Cartoon Palooza: Rugrats Recap - When Stu Thinks He's a Baby

In Joey's first TV episode recap, he looks at one of his favorite animated series and its episode featuring a grown man acting like a baby!

6th of September, 2021
That Show: The World Premiere of Superman: The Animated Series - September 6, 1996

The collected promos and bumpers from the beloved show's broadcast debut on The WB.

24th of December, 2020
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - The Grinch

It's high time for Jaimetud to take on Illumination's Grinch vehicle with Benedict Cumberbatch as the most nasal sounding Grinch to date.

2nd of February, 2020
Some Jerk With A Camera: One Movie Later - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Some Jerk With A Camera and friends discuss the "final" chapter to that weird space opera series the American Graffiti guy came up with when he couldn't get the rights to Flash Gordon.

31st of December, 2019
The DVD Shelf: Krampus

In the decade's final episode of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, David closes out the Christmas season with a look at the 2015 holiday-themed horror/comedy Krampus!

24th of December, 2019
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: The Loved Ones

In this episode, Andy explores the 2009 Australian thriller The Loved Ones!

11th of November, 2018
Home Media Theatre: X2: X-Men United

At the time, probably the best superhero sequel ever made. Here's a look back at one of the best X-Men movies, X2!

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