Episode 118:
That Fellow In The Coat: Character Profile - Daffy Duck

That Fellow In The Coat looks at the career and history of one of the wackiest and anger-prone Looney Tunes of them all: Daffy Duck.

Title Card Drawn by: dookyIKRdooky.

Comments Section:

Date And Time: 2012-12-07 13:31:04
Comment: To ToonFanatic: I like Loonatics Unleashed. :)

Name: Megan Payette
Date And Time: 2012-08-15 11:32:02
Comment: If Daffy Duck and Donald Duck got in a fight who would win?

Name: gabe snyder
Date And Time: 2012-06-20 19:32:53
Comment: just asking what's your opinion on Drew Carey?

Name: Joseph Martinez
Date And Time: 2012-01-15 00:16:44
Comment: You know, I should have added this in my last comment: I know the orignal cartoons did have film spoofs and references, but they didn't rely on them too much.

Name: ToonFanatic
Date And Time: 2012-01-05 15:45:01
Comment: Am i the only one who like's loonatics unleased. It's not trying to be Looney Tunes, it's just an experiment to see what they can do. Sure maybe they shouldn't try to remake looney tunes but still i enjoyed it.

Name: Joseph
Date And Time: 2011-12-21 12:59:30
Comment: Sorry, I meant "...what kind of monsters..."

Name: Joseph
Date And Time: 2011-12-21 12:58:24
Comment: BTW, I can understand why "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" didn't do well. No offense, as I kinda like it(better than "Space Jam"), but the story was the problem. While it was more original and less predictable than "Space Jam", it was filled with too many film references and spoofs. Not everyone is going to know what kind monsters are in the "Area 52" scene. Also, the film focuses too much on the dull human characters more. It just seems like Bugs and Daffy were added for comic relief. If you like it, fine, but I wish it could've been better.

Name: Joseph
Date And Time: 2011-12-21 12:48:38
Comment: I wished you talked a little more about Bob Clampett's Daffy as it was just as funny as Jones' IMHO. But this was still a pretty good profile.

Name: gabe snyder
Date And Time: 2011-07-09 17:00:30
Comment: say i was just wondering what's your opoin of lola bunny

Name: Ken Murray
Date And Time: 2011-04-10 17:23:33
Comment: please talk about Loontics Unleashed! I'm sick of people acting like it's the spawn of Satan.

Name: Ebalance
Date And Time: 2011-02-14 22:27:53
Comment: I like Daffy a lot... Bugs is a jerk, but he never owns up for the mean things he does... whereas Daffy at least admits he's a jerk... One of my other favorite Daffy cartoons, which Spongebob did a... guess it was an homage... to, is the one in which Daffy and Bugs get into a contest over who can entertain the audience better, and Daffy ends up actually killing himself (as in his ghost floats up at the end) and that's the only thing that gets applause... famous line about having to literally kill yourself to get applause in Hollywood... I don't hate Space Jam, but I guess it is quite silly, and kinda out of character... haven't seen a lot of other incarnations of these characters b/c I mostly just prefer the old shorts...

Name: Jacob
Date And Time: 2010-11-19 21:24:09
Comment: @Neil Dunsmore- That's a good point. Joe Dante even called it "The anti-Space Jam project". He apparently loves the looney Tunes

Name: Ken Murray
Date And Time: 2010-11-18 16:13:37
Comment: and I'm fine with people that just don't like it like you. what I was ranting about were the elitist pricks that call Loonatic fans retarded and make pictures of the Loonatics getting murdered.

Name: Ken Murray
Date And Time: 2010-11-18 06:44:25
Comment: I should have known that most of my comments would be removed. sorry about that, I'm just at the end of my rope with Loonatic-haters.

Name: Ken Murray
Date And Time: 2010-11-15 19:15:55
Comment: and maybe the Loonatics too.

Name: Ken Murray
Date And Time: 2010-11-15 19:14:16
Comment: I agree with Kashia on Loonatics. and again, I think as I said on your Hanna-Barbera video, you should do a profile on the Pound Puppies.

Name: Morgan
Date And Time: 2010-11-09 20:10:28
Comment: Such a despicable but lovable guy. Still iffy on the Back in Action movie, but great episode. Is there a Pee Wee Herman in the future? HA HA!

Name: Keshia
Date And Time: 2010-11-08 23:49:18
Comment: There are three things I like to say: 1.) Nice profile, Daffy Duck is one of my favorite Looney Tunes, 2.) I hated "Space Jam," but like "Back In Action", and 3.) I actually like Loonatics Unleashed as much as Looney Tunes. I think of the show as an under-appreciated gem that needs some polishing.

Name: Devon
Date And Time: 2010-11-08 20:36:44
Comment: Man! I mean MAN, I will remember this classic line till the day I die! "Duck season! Wabbit season! Duck season! Wabbit season! Wabbit season! Duck season! FIRE!" My response to that "Exorcist" parody: "Your mother's in here with us, Daffy!" (couldn't resist) BTW, did anyone happen to notice that girl duck in that same "Duxorcist" cartoon has BREASTS?!? Darwin's worst nightmare, I say!

Name: Meg
Date And Time: 2010-11-08 12:25:40
Comment: I actually liked Space Jam AND Looney Tunes Back in Action...not my favorite movies, but I thought they were both pretty good. Daffy was never my favorite Looney Tunes character, but he IS very funny and at some points you can relate to him fairly well.

Name: coolclaytony
Date And Time: 2010-11-08 06:47:07
Comment: Hey! I liked Loonatics Unleashed. It had hardcore action with hilarious Loonytunes humor.

Name: Andrew
Date And Time: 2010-11-07 01:45:41
Comment: Daffy FTW!

Name: Neil Dunsmore
Date And Time: 2010-11-07 01:12:07
Comment: @Jacob- A better question is why everyone hates Looney Tunes Back in Action. At least there, the Looney Tunes are IN CHARACTER from start to finish and are actually funny! Do people just hate animation/live action hybrids these days?

Name: Annie
Date And Time: 2010-11-06 22:04:35
Comment: I don't mind the Looney Tunes characters.

Name: Msky
Date And Time: 2010-11-06 21:16:32
Comment: Nice video. I did like to watch this cartoon.

Name: Ally
Date And Time: 2010-11-06 20:43:32
Comment: Daffy Duck is my favorite Looney Tunes character. Does anyone know who does his voice in the original cartoons? <b>That Fellow: Like I said in the video, Mel Blanc did Daffy's voice since the beginning and until he passed away in 1989.</b>

Name: Jacob
Date And Time: 2010-11-06 20:06:28
Comment: Why does everyone like Space Jam? That movie was not funny at all, The story was awful and did i mention that it was a bad idea from its conception!

Name: Lady Anime Fan
Date And Time: 2010-11-06 19:21:18
Comment: I'm glad you made this video to give Daffy the attention he needs.

Name: Chris
Date And Time: 2010-11-06 19:03:08
Comment: Daffy Duck Is Funny! I Like The Looney Tunes!!

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