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16th of March, 2019
Mr. Coat: In Defense of Illumination Entertainment

Mr. Coat defends Illumination Entertainment's place as an animation juggernaut and why they deserve more respect for what they have accomplished with a grumpy Grinch and mischievous Minions.

19th of March, 2019
Pan-Pizza: Every Nickelodeon Movie Reviewed Vol. 3

Pan-Pizza continues his trek through the Nick Movies, including the Lemony Snicket Movie and SpongeBob's first movie.

16th of March, 2019
Cartoon Palooza: Norm of the North 2

Well, Joey didn't think this day would come, but the sequel to one of his most hated movies has finally come! See what he thinks of the sequel to Norm of the North!

14th of March, 2019
Mr. Coat's Movie Reviews: Wonder Park and Five Feet Apart

This week, Mr. Coat reviews Nickelodeon's animated movie about a magical amusement park, Wonder Park and the teenage romance Five Feet Apart.

6th of March, 2019
Some Jerk With A Camera: One Movie Later - The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head

Some Jerk With A Camera and friends interview Benjamin Lancaster, the writer-director of the latest independent feature-length film to shoot partially on location at a Disney park, The Further Adventures Of Walt's Frozen Head!

2nd of December, 2018
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - A Christmas Story vs. Jean Shepherd

Unwrap the ultimate Christmas gift with another adaptation you may never have known was a book on this year's Christmas themed "From Pages To Pictures." Question is, which version of the story deserves a mouthful of soap? Let's have a read!

11th of November, 2018
Home Media Theatre: X2: X-Men United

At the time, probably the best superhero sequel ever made. Here's a look back at one of the best X-Men movies, X2!

1st of November, 2018
Reel vs. Reel: Coco vs. The Book of Life

The Animated Heroine compares two movies that explore Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead.

14th of March, 2018
Sonicguru: Sonic Forces Review

Two Sonics, your own custom character and a wave of praise and backlash. What does Sonicguru think of this long awaited game?

1st of February, 2017
The Mr. Coat "Shout Out" Special!

In this bonus special, Mr. Coat shouts out a handful of talented video makers worth subscribing to, a good many of which you may recognise.

24th of January, 2018
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Coco

To close out season 10, Hewy reviews the latest hit by Disney and Pixar, the colorful, musical portrayal of Latin-American art and culture, Coco.

29th of Oogust, 2017
That Show: 5th Anniversary - ¡Cinco Años Después!

AKA "The That Show Christmas Jamborganza III: The Fifth Anniversary Christacular"

7th of April, 2017
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Dead Snow

Nazi zombies attack as Andy reviews the 2009 Norwegian horror zom-com Dead Snow, along with its 2014 follow-up Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead!

17th of March, 2017
The DVD Shelf: The Elephant Man

Following the death of acclaimed British actor John Hurt, David reviews one of his most iconic performances – the severely deformed John Merrick in David Lynch's Oscar-nominated drama The Elephant Man.

25th of December, 2016
South Jersey Sam: Top 7 Rifftrax Christmas Riffs

It's Christmas time and South Jersey Sam brings in a short list of holly-jolly humorous riffs from the great people at Rifftrax!

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