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16th of September, 2017
Mr. Coat: The Hyperboles of Modern Movie Criticism

Mr. Coat examines how current movie criticism has tended to emphasis ridiculous phrases and shouting to the farthest balcony over nuanced analysis.

15th of September, 2017
AniMat's Classic Reviews: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Even after all these years, you really can't keep a good dog down! Certainly not this Don Bluth canine!

14th of September, 2017
Reel vs. Reel: The Road to El Dorado vs. The Emperor's New Groove

And so The Animated Heroine once again returns to Disney and Dreamworks...

14th of September, 2017
Mr. Coat's Movie Reviews: IT and American Assassin

This week, Mr. Coat reviews the blockbuster adaptation of Stephen King's scary clown novel IT and the overly-patriotic action film American Assassin, starring Dylan O'Brien and Michael Keaton.

10th of September, 2017
Cartoon Palooza: Spider-Man (90's Animated Series)

Check out the hit series from the 90's that kicks off this month's theme of Spider-Man Cartoons!

7th of September, 2017
Some Jerk With A Camera: Fantasmic! (2017) and other Rivers of America Updates VLOG!

Some Jerk With A Camera, Doggans and Spazz Master reunite with other friends to discuss the newest iteration of Disneyland's nighttime spectacular, FANTASMIC!

5th of September, 2017
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Comic Book/Superhero Cartoons Never Made

Pan-Pizza drops some tidbits about some promising animated series based on comic books...that sadly didn't hit the airwaves.

29th of Oogust, 2017
That Show: 5th Anniversary - ¡Cinco Años Después!

AKA "The That Show Christmas Jamborganza III: The Fifth Anniversary Christacular"

27th of August, 2017
Home Media Theater: Blade

Justin reviews the Marvel vampire movie, made by a director he found exactly zero interviews with.

4th of July, 2017
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Superman: Doomsday

For Hewy's 80th episode, and to celebrate Independence Day, he takes a look at an animated adaptation of an infamous story line involving the death of the Man of Steel himself, Superman: Doomsday.

7th of April, 2017
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Dead Snow

Nazi zombies attack as Andy reviews the 2009 Norwegian horror zom-com Dead Snow, along with its 2014 follow-up Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead!

30th of March, 2017
Sonicguru: Sonic Lost World (Wii U & 3DS) Review

Is Sonic Lost World a good follow up to the universally successful Sonic Generations or a misstep in Sonic resurgence as a global gaming icon?

20th of March, 2017
The 6th Annual Mr. Coat Contributor Awards!

Celebrating the past year of excellent web-series, here are the 2017 Mr. Coat Contributor Awards, featuring special guests and a hilarious opening, courtesy of AniMat and Joey Tedesco.

17th of March, 2017
The DVD Shelf: The Elephant Man

Following the death of acclaimed British actor John Hurt, David reviews one of his most iconic performances – the severely deformed John Merrick in David Lynch's Oscar-nominated drama The Elephant Man.

25th of December, 2016
South Jersey Sam: Top 7 Rifftrax Christmas Riffs

It's Christmas time and South Jersey Sam brings in a short list of holly-jolly humorous riffs from the great people at Rifftrax!

24th of December, 2016
Jaimetud: The Chris Van Allsburg Trilogy

Three videos from Jaimtud for Christmas? You better believe it! Jaimetud presents comparisons of three Chris Van Allsburg children's classics and their big-budget film adaptations.

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