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13th of September, 2014
Mr. Coat: A Tribute to Bee Movie

Mr. Coat looks at Jerry Seinfeld's very funny and intelligent animated satire Bee Movie and why it's one of DreamWorks Animation's finest films.

16th of September, 2014
Animation Lookback: The Best of Stop-Motion - The First Features

Animation Lookback is back to get into the strange medium of Stop Motion. AniMat goes back to the beginnings of animation with The New Gulliver, The Tale of the Fox, 1949ís Alice in Wonderland and Hansel and Gretel: An Opera Fantasy.

16th of September, 2014
Cartoon Palooza: A Fairly Odd Summer

I blame Dinkleberg! Let's watch the review to the latest (and hopefully last) live action Fairly Odd Parents adaptation!

9th of September, 2014
South Jersey Sam: Game Time - Five Nights at Freddy's (Part 2)

South Jersey Sam has decided to continue playing Five Nights at Freddy's in the old-fashioned Let's Play style once more.

9th of September, 2014
Pan-Pizza: Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 2 Review

Pan-Pizza returns to the pro-skating video game universe with his review of another entry in the popular Tony Hawk series.

8th of September, 2014
Jaimetud: 3rd Mr. Coat Awards Party Highlights

At LONG last! The party video for this year's Mr. Coat Awards is here. If you want to see the legit reactions of the nominees, this is the place.

7th of September, 2014
Graphic Novel Picture Show: X3: The Last Stand

In one of her most requested videos, Sybil looks back on one of the most maligned comic book movies ever produced. But will she say what you want her to say?

1st of September, 2014
Classic Who Only: The Macra Terror

Our look at the Traughton era comes to a brief close as we look at a serial that is missing not one, but all of its episodes! Can a missing serial about mutant crab insects that control humans hold interest?

19th of August, 2014
Reel vs. Reel: Animals United

The Animated Heroine returns to On The Rack with a movie she nabbed on its way to the garbage.

15th of August, 2014
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Hanna

Follow the thrilling exploits of a young trained warrior as she experiences the modern world for the first time in her life and relax while host Andy Snyder discusses Joe Wright's Hanna.

4th of August, 2014
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: The Top 10 90s Cartoon Intros

It's another blast from the past, as Hewy and South Jersey Sam take a look at the Top 10 90s Cartoon Intros!

6th of July, 2014
That Show: Thumbelina - 20th Anniversary Tribute

In the season finale, Ryan celebrates 20 years of the beloved Don Bluth film with help from Some Jerk With A Camera, AniMat, Amerah from AAA Channel, Spazz Master, Doggans, Count Jackula, Horror Guru and a VERY special guest.

30th of June, 2014
Sonicguru: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Time for Sonicguru to review the sequel to his all time favorite PS1 game Crash Bandicoot 2: Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

19th of June, 2014
The DVD Shelf: The DVD Shelf Goes Hawaiian

Bursting with colorful footage filmed on-location in Hawaii, this virtual vacation will jet you off to the beautiful island of Oahu to learn all about Hawaiian history and culture while discovering filming locations seen in a handful of great movies.

3rd of May, 2014
Some Jerk with a Camera: Season Two Outtakes OUTTAKES!


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