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25th of October, 2014
Mr. Coat: A Look Back at the Popeye Color Specials

Mr. Coat examines why the Fleischers' entry into two-reel Technicolor cartoons, starring their famous sailor man, were such brilliant pieces of animation. He then explains why Genndy Tartakovsky's upcoming movie is faithful to the original shorts.

30th of October, 2014
Jaimetud: Project Halloween!

It's a musical Halloween celebration unlike anything the reviewaverse has EVER seen before! Let Jaimetud and his costars guide you through a creative cavalcade of hokey Halloweenie haunts!

30th of October, 2014
Vaulting: CineVlog - Nightbreed The Director's Cut

For this special review, Morgan is joined by a good portion of the "Mr. Coat and Friends" crew, along with a fan, to talk about the latest director's cut of Clive Barker's newly discovered monster epic.

29th of October, 2014
Graphic Novel Picture Show: Punisher Warzone

Prepare yourself. Sybil is about to take you to the Punisher Bone Zone!

28th of October, 2014
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: A Tribute to Back to Neverland

In honor of the late and great Robin Williams, Hewy pays tribute to his first project involving Walt Disney Animation Back to Neverland.

28th of October, 2014
VG Retro: Castlevania

It has arrived; the long-awaited Halloween VGRetro episode. Watch as he does battle with Count Dracula in this iconic video game series.

26th of October, 2014
Animation Lookback: The Best of Stop-Motion - Ray Harryhausen 1/2

Even if this is called Animation Lookback, you can't talk about stop-motion without mentioning the man who used the medium to create some of Hollywood's biggest monsters.

24th of October, 2014
Tud Sense: When Did You Find Out?

In this premiere episode of Tud Sense, Jaimetud tells about life with Asperger's syndrome and gives families everywhere some songs to listen to for the Halloween season!

21st of October, 2014
Pan-Pizza: Top 10 Worst Cartoon/Anime Intro Theme Songs

Everyone does Top 10 Cartoon Intros of the 90s or whatever. Now how about Top 10 worst cartoon intros in general. Everything to what 4kids does to censor its anime to Naruto German dubs.

20th of October, 2014
South Jersey Sam: Game Time - Five Nights at Freddy's (Part 3)

Taking one last shift at Freddy's... Don't expect South Jersey Sam to make it through the night...

20th of October, 2014
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: Troll Hunter

This episode will whisk you away to the dark woods of Norway as three college students with a camera follow a grizzled exterminator who spends his nights tracking down the elusive troll.

20th of October, 2014
Animated Analysis: The Black Cauldron

Stephan, Nootrac and Some Jerk with a Camera get into shenanigans while reviewing Disney's The Black Cauldron! Is it good? Bad? Do you even care? Watch the video to find out!

18th of October, 2014
Cartoon Palooza: Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost

Let's see if the follow up to Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island deserves a Scooby Snack!

7th of October, 2014
Jaimetud: Your Top 11 Best Scares of Childhood (Commentary)

Jaimetud is joined by fellow scare fans Cody Kluesner, Whyboy, Mr. Coat, Andrew Shepard, DukeCT and Morgan Leger to discuss the making of the award winning third entry in the "Best Scares" Halloween specials.

5th of October, 2014
Sonicguru: Top 7 Worst Special Stages

So many Special Stages in so many Sonic games. They can't all be good? Right?

30th of September, 2014
The DVD Shelf: The Green Hornet

In this episode, David looks at The Green Hornet's illustrious history and then puts Seth Rogen's controversial turn as the masked vigilante to the test and sees if the film truly deserves the hate it gets.

19th of August, 2014
Reel vs. Reel: Animals United

The Animated Heroine returns to On The Rack with a movie she nabbed on its way to the garbage.

6th of July, 2014
That Show: Thumbelina - 20th Anniversary Tribute

In the season finale, Ryan celebrates 20 years of the beloved Don Bluth film with help from Some Jerk With A Camera, AniMat, Amerah from AAA Channel, Spazz Master, Doggans, Count Jackula, Horror Guru and a VERY special guest.

3rd of May, 2014
Some Jerk with a Camera: Season Two Outtakes OUTTAKES!


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