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14th of September, 2019
Mr. Coat: In Defense of Animation Character Designers

Mr. Coat praises the incredibly talented character designers, who help bring to life the wonderful animated personalities we see on screen and why they don't deserve backlash.

12th of September, 2019
Mr. Coat's Movie Reviews: IT Chapter Two and Hustlers

This week, Mr. Coat reviews the second half of the Stephen King adaptation IT Chapter Two, featuring the return of Pennywise the Clown and Hustlers, with Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez as Wall Street con artists.

10th of September, 2019
Pan-Pizza: Top 7 Y2K Apocalyptic Cartoon Episodes

Pan-Pizza looks back at the pre-Y2K hysteria that inspired animation writers.

6th of September, 2019
The DVD Shelf Top Spots: Top 20 Summer Movies! (Part 2)

David finishes his list of top twenty summer movies by counting down his top ten!

5th of September, 2019
Some Jerk With A Camera: Some Jerk Attends D23 Expo 2019!

Some Jerk With A Camera attends the sixth biennial official Disney fan convention, featuring an impromptu appearance by Disney legend Mark Henn!

31st of August, 2019
Cartoon Palooza: Rise of the Guardians

Before every movie was a Marvel movie, Dreamworks tried cashing in on their own version of The Avengers!

19th of August, 2019
DVD Shelf Foreign Flix: The Raid 2

In this episode, Andy explores The Raid 2, the action-packed sequel to the film he reviewed for his very first Foreign Flix episode back in 2013.

31st of July, 2019
Sonicguru: Despicable Me The Game Review

How does a game based on a movie Sonicguru has not seen hold up as a movie based game?

2nd of December, 2018
Jaimetud: From Pages to Pictures - A Christmas Story vs. Jean Shepherd

Unwrap the ultimate Christmas gift with another adaptation you may never have known was a book on this year's Christmas themed "From Pages To Pictures." Question is, which version of the story deserves a mouthful of soap? Let's have a read!

11th of November, 2018
Home Media Theatre: X2: X-Men United

At the time, probably the best superhero sequel ever made. Here's a look back at one of the best X-Men movies, X2!

1st of November, 2018
Reel vs. Reel: Coco vs. The Book of Life

The Animated Heroine compares two movies that explore Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead.

24th of January, 2018
Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Coco

To close out season 10, Hewy reviews the latest hit by Disney and Pixar, the colorful, musical portrayal of Latin-American art and culture, Coco.

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